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Next TRAN meeting

29-05-2015 - 14:48

The next TRAN meeting will take place on Monday 29 June from 15:00 p.m. to 18:30 p.m. in Brussels in JAN 6Q2 (József Antall building). The meeting will be webstreamed.

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Follow-up to Germanwings crash

18-06-2015 - 18:00
Flight data recorder

There will be an exchange of views with Patrick Ky, Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency and the European Commission in the next TRAN meeting on 29.06.15 from 16:40 in JAN 6Q2.

EASA set up a task force to assess the preliminary investigation report of the French Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authority (BEA) on the causes of the Germanwings jet crash in the French Alps in March. The European Commission will decide whether to update aviation safety rules.

Port Services

18-06-2015 - 11:57
Ships at port

The main objectives of the proposed regulation is to modernise port services and operations and to create framework conditions to attract investments in ports.

The Rapporteur presented his draft legislative report in the TRAN Committee meeting on 15.06.15.

Vote on the Reduction of pollutant emissions from road vehicles

04-06-2015 - 12:08
Traffic jam

The draft opinion seeks to ensure that new motor vehicles are equipped with systems assisting the driver in reducing fuel consumption,and therefore pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions.

The opinion was adopted in the TRAN meeting on 16.06.15.

Promotion of Tourism in Europe

04-06-2015 - 09:27
European travel

The own-initiative report will focus among other things on branding, joint marketing of tourism destinations in Europe, sustainable and responsible tourism, sharing economy and digitalisation.

The Rapporteur presented her draft report in the TRAN Committee meeting on 15.06.15.

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MEPs debate air safety on Monday following Germanwings air crash in March

TRAN 29-06-2015 - 12:47

Transport Committee MEPs will discuss aviation safety with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Executive Director Patrick Ky and the European Commission on Monday afternoon, after the Germanwings air crash in the French Alps in March. (Lasīt tālāk)


EP negotiators welcome informal deal on technical aspects of rail reform package

TRAN 18-06-2015 - 10:46

An informal deal to remove the technical obstacles that differing national standards and procedures place in the way of rail operators and rolling stock manufacturers was struck by MEPs and EU and the Latvian Presidency of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. This deal, on the “technical pillar” of the 4th railway package should cut the time and cost involved in certifying that operators, locomotives and carriages meet safety and technical standards. (Lasīt tālāk)

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29-06-2015 - 15:10
TRAN Sanāksme
16-06-2015 - 15:12
TRAN Sanāksme


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