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Nākamā komiteju nedēļa būs 2014. gada 7. jūlijs Briselē.
LIBE The impacts of visa liberalisation on trans-border mobility: study

This study examines the Schengen Visa liberalisation in the Eastern Partnership countries, Russia and Turkey - which has proven to have a huge transformative potential across the justice, liberty and security policies of the countries where it has been deployed. This study analyses the current state of play of the implementation of the EU visa policy instruments and assesses the positive impact of visa-free travel on trans-border mobility according to current visa application statistics.

TRAN Technical development and deployment of alcohol interlocks in road safety: study

This study gives an overview of alcohol interlocks in terms of their use, effectiveness and contribution to road safety. It summarises the most recent road safety developments and outlines the technical requirements for the use of these devices and the various methods of use in EU Member States. An analysis of their cost-effectiveness in relation to their deployment in the commercial road transport sector and specific user categories is also given.

BUDG EU Budget and National Budgets - Facts, Figures and Impact: in-depth analysis

This note presents investigations on the relations between national budgets and the European budget. Some of the questions dealt with include: How are the EU level and the national levels interlinked? What is the current situation of public expenditure in the EU? How are other forms of multi-level governance of public expenditure organised and can they be compared to the EU? What are the added values of the EU budget? What is the impact of the main investment tools of the EU budget?

DEVE ACP countries' position on Economic Partnership Agreements: study

Economic Partnership Agreements aim to promote trade and development, regional integration, sustainable growth and poverty reduction. However, they remain deeply controversial, especially in terms of their effect on the sustainable and long-term development of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and their regional integration processes. This paper (April 2014) presents the most recent views and analyses of ACP countries' stakeholders regarding the EPA negotiations.

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ENVI Discrimination in Healthcare: workshop proceedings

This report summarises the presentations and discussions at the workshop on ‘Discrimination in Healthcare’ held at the European Parliament in Brussels in January 2014. The right to health is recognised as a fundamental right in many international and European human rights instruments and in national laws. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the challenges faced by discriminated groups in the sector of healthcare and the solutions taken by the EU and its Member States.

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