Seduti ta’ smigħ

Kumitat jista' jorganizza seduta ta' smigħ ma' esperti fejn dan jitqies essenzjali għall-ħidma tiegħu fuq suġġett partikolari. Is-seduti ta' smigħ jistgħu jsiru wkoll b'mod konġunt minn żewġ kumitati jew aktar. Il-parti l-kbira tal-kumitati jorganizzaw seduti ta' smigħ regolari, billi dawn jippermettulhom li jisimgħu l-esperti u jagħmlu diskussjonijiet dwar kwistjonijiet ewlenin. F'din il-paġna ssib l-informazzjoni kollha disponibbli rigward is-seduti ta' smigħ tal-kumitati, inklużi l-programmi u l-kontributi mill-kelliema.

20-04-2016 - Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

AFCO 10-05-2016 - 10:01

On 20.04, from 9.15 - 11.30, AFCO organised a hearing on "Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR): stocktaking after the ECJ's opinion and way forward", the main aim of which was to explore ways of relaunching the process of accession taking into account the objections formulated by the Court in its opinion. (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

15-03-2016 - Union Citizenship in practice

JURI LIBE AFCO PETI 05-04-2016 - 15:28
Poster Hearing Union Citizenship in Practice

A hearing was jointly organised by the European Commission (DG Justice and Consumers) and the European Parliament (LIBE, PETI, AFCO and JURI Committees) on 15 March 2016. The hearing gave a timely opportunity to further reflect, with all actors concerned, on concrete avenues to advance EU citizenship. (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

14-03-2016 - E-democracy in the European Union: potential and challenges

AFCO 07-03-2016 - 17:09

The AFCO committee will concentrate on the report by Ramón Jáuregui on eDemocracy, to explore the potential and challenges of such an innovative form of democracy. To provide the report with some elements of reflection, AFCO is holding this hearing. The Policy Department C has also commissioned a study on the feasibility of a European identity document and the related electronic identification technologies, which should be ready by next April. (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

22-02-2016 - Respect for Democracy, Fundamental rights and the Rule of law: the role of judiciary

LIBE AFCO 18-02-2016 - 14:44

The European Parliament, in its resolution of 10 June 2015 (P8_TA(2015)0227)) mandated the LIBE Committee to "contribute to the development and elaboration of this proposal (cc. the establishment of an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights) in the form of a legislative own-initiative report ". (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

26-05-2015 - The institutional future of the European Union within and beyond the Treaty of Lisbon

AFCO 06-07-2015 - 17:42

The main objective of the hearing was to allow a deep discussion at the European Parliament level on the future outlook of the EU institutional set-up and on aspects of democracy and accountability, by examining both the potential of the existing Treaties in this respect and what should be done beyond the limits of the Treaties in an eventual future Treaty change. (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

05-05-2015 - Joint AFCO-ECON Hearing

AFCO ECON 26-05-2015 - 15:35

Institutional aspects of the new rules on economic governance and the role of the Eurogroup (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

26-03-2015 - Joint Hearing on accountability, transparency and integrity

CONT JURI LIBE AFCO 27-04-2015 - 16:43

"Towards a high degree of accountability, transparency and integrity in the EU Institutions". The main objective of the joint hearing is to allow a deep discussion at the European Parliament level about crucial issues of accountability, transparency and integrity of the EU institutions. (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

26-02-2015 - The European Citizens' Initiative

AFCO PETI 19-03-2015 - 15:05

The lessons to be drawn from the implementation of the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) regulation was looked at during the hearing organised jointly by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and the Committee on Petitions. It took place on 26.02.15 with the participation of ECI organisers. The aim was to evaluate all aspects linked to the functioning of the ECI, including the institutional, organisational, legal and technical perspectives. (Aqra iktar dwar dan)

20-01-2015 - EYE Hearing

AFCO 23-01-2015 - 13:15

The EYE Hearing was organised as an "idea check" - a special format developed for the EYE2014. In this interactive exchange, the young speakers were “idea givers” and the Members, “idea catchers”. "Ideas givers" pitched ideas to Members, who then reacted by giving a feedback on the idea. Members were invited to comment spontaneously on the ideas presented. (Aqra iktar dwar dan)