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Meeting with Foreign Minister Klimkin on the latest developments in Ukraine

At an extraordinary meeting today, the AFET committee had an exchange of views with Pavlo Klimkin, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, on the latest developments in the country. Members expressed their deepest sorrow for the victims of the crashed plane MH17, and Peter De Gooijer, Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the EU, detailed the priorities the international community should follow on the investigation, the recovery of bodies, and the identification of those responsible for this tragedy.
Members of the European Parliament very clearly and unambiguously called for a united line between Member States on tougher sanctions towards Russia, not as a consequence of the plane crash, but to react in view of the Russian authorities' unwillingness to control the flow of arms and heavy weapons across the border to the Eastern regions of Ukraine. The Members also called for the EU to act appropriately and impose red lines upon itself when a third party violates European values and principles.
The peace process in the Middle East, the dire humanitarian conditions and the EU's response to the current situation were also discussed at that meeting. Members called not only for a cease-fire and the resumption of negotiations for a two-state solution but underlined the need for the EU to react without double standards.

Press Release

Following the crash of the MH17 flight, Elmar Brok, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, stated :
"The Russian – Ukrainian border must be closed.
The crash of the Malaysian Airlines flight is an immense tragedy, and I send my deepest condolences to the families and the relatives of the victims. An independent international investigation must be conducted without delay and without restrictions.
Wherever the responsibilities for the crash lie, this catastrophe sheds again light on the fact that the militia and rebels in the Eastern regions of Ukraine have access to sophisticated weapons. It is now time for Russia to show its credibility and prove to the world that it commits itself to establishing clear and well defined conditions for the control of borders, in order to dry up this flow of arms in the region. The full and effective control of the border by the Ukrainian authorities with the assistance from the OSCE must be ensured, and Russia has to actively use its influence over the illegally armed groups for the achievement of that goal and should set the conditions for it also on its side.
Russia will otherwise lose any credibility that it is interested in a peaceful political solution."

Extraordinary meeting with David O´Sullivan and Jari Vilen

On 14 July at an in-camera extraordinary meeting Members of the AFET Committee had an exchange of views with David O'Sullivan, newly appointed Head of the EU Delegation in Washington and also with Jari Vilen, newly appointed Head of the EU Delegation to the Council of Europe. Both exchanges of views were held in compliance with the Declaration on Political Accountability of the HR/VP.

Elmar Brok (EPP) elected chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

Elmar Brok is the new chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, elected by acclamation on 07.07.14. During its constituent meeting, the Committee has also elected its vice-chairs Ryszard Antoni Legutko (ECR), Marina Albiol (GUE), Ioan Mircea Pașcu (S&D), and Andrej Plenković (EPP). Together, the chair and vice-chairs make up the bureau of the Committee, elected for a two-and-a-half year term. The first meeting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs will take place on 01.09.14.

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AFET 22-07-2014 - 17:58  

EU sanctions against Russia must be stepped up, the Ukrainian border closed to halt arms flows from Russia, and the bodies of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash victims returned, MEPs insisted in today’s debate with Ukraine’s foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin. Mr Klimkin called on the EU to show its solidarity now, as Ukraine is “being punished for its EU aspirations”. The debate opened with a minute’s silence for victims of the 17 July crash.


After the election of a President, Vice-Presidents and Quaestors of the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week, parliamentary committees convened on Monday in Brussels to elect chairpersons and their deputies for next two and a half years.

Preżentazzjoni u kompetenzi
Kumitat responsabbli għall-promozzjoni, l-implimentazzjoni u l-monitoraġġ tal-politika barranija tal-Unjoni fir-rigward ta':
1.    għall-politika estera u ta' sigurtà komuni (PESK) u għall-politika komuni ta' sigurtà u ta' difiża (PKSD). F'dan il-kuntest il-kumitat ikun assistit minn sottokumitat għas-sigurtà u d-difiża;
2.    għar-relazzjonijiet ma' istituzzjonijiet u entitajiet oħra tal-Unjoni, mal-Organizzazzjoni tan-Nazzjonijiet Uniti u ma' organizzazzjonijiet internazzjonali oħra u ma' assembleji interparlamentari għal kwistjonijiet li jaqgħu taħt ir-responsabbiltà tiegħu;
3.    is-superviżjoni tas-Servizz Ewropew għall-Azzjoni Esterna;
4.    għat-tisħiħ tar-relazzjonijiet politiċi ma' pajjiżi terzi permezz ta' programmi komprensivi ta' koperazzjoni u assistenza jew permezz ta' ftehimiet internazzjonali bhal ftehimiet ta' assoċjazzjoni jew sħubija;
5.    għall-ftuħ, il-monitoraġġ u l-konklużjoni ta' negozjati dwar l-adeżjoni ta' Stati Ewropej ma' l-Unjoni;
6.    għal-leġiżlazzjoni, l-ipprogrammar u l-iskrutinju kollha tal-azzjonijiet imwettqa taħt l-Istrument Ewropew għad-Demokrazija u għad-Drittijiet tal-Bniedem, l-Istrument Ewropew ta' Viċinat, l-Istrument għall-Assistenza ta' Qabel l-Adeżjoni, l-Istrument li jikkontribwixxi għall-Istabbiltà u l-Paċi u l-Istrument ta' Sħubija għall-koperazzjoni ma' pajjiżi terzi, u l-politiki li fuqhom huma bbażati;
7.    il-monitoraġġ u s-segwitu ta', inter alia, il-Politika Ewropea tal-Viċinat (PEV), b'mod partikolari fir-rigward tar-Rapporti ta' Progress Annwali tal-PEV;
8.    kwistjonijiet li jirrigwardaw id-demokrazija, l-istat tad-dritt, id-drittijiet tal-bniedem, inklużi d-drittijiet ta' minoranzi, f'pajjiżi terzi u l-prinċipji tad-dritt internazzjonali. F'dan il-kuntest il-kumitat ikun assistit minn sottokumitat għad-drittijiet tal-bniedem, li għandu jiżgura koerenza bejn il-politika esterna kollha tal-Unjoni u l-politika tagħha dwar id-drittijiet tal-bniedem. Mingħajr preġudizzju għar-regoli applikabbli, membri ta' kumitati u entitajiet oħra li għandhom kompetenzi f'dan il-qasam għandhom jiġu mistiedna sabiex jattendu l-laqgħat tas-sottokumitat;
9.    l-involviment tal-Parlament fil-missjonijiet ta' osservazzjoni ta' elezzjonijiet, fejn hu xieraq b'kooperazzjoni mal-kumitati u d-delegazzjonijiet l-oħra rilevanti;
Il-kumitat jipprovdi superviżjoni politika, u jikkoordina x-xogħol ta' kumitati parlamentari konġunti u ta' kumitati parlamentari ta' kooperazzjoni kif ukoll ix-xogħol ta' delegazzjonijiet interparlamentari u ta' delegazzjonijiet ad hoc li jaqgħu taħt il-kompetenzi tiegħu.
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