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Conference of Committee Chairs


The Conference of Committee Chairs is the political body in Parliament that works for better cooperation between the committees.

Conference of Committee Chairs: membership

The Conference of Committee Chairs consists of the chairs of all the standing and special committees; it elects its chair. The Conference of Committee Chairs generally meets once a month in Strasbourg during plenary sittings.

Conference of Committee Chairs: duties

The Conference of Committee Chairs may make recommendations to the Conference of Presidents on the committees’ work and the agendas for plenary sittings.
It can also advise the Conference of Presidents if there is disagreement as to which committee should be responsible.
The Bureau and Conference of Presidents may delegate certain tasks to the Conference of Committee Chairs.

Work in progress

The Work in Progress shows the legislative procedures currently in progress in each parliamentary committee
It gives an overview of the work done in committees to follow up of the reports being tabled or for the planning of the reports for the coming sessions.
This listing is focused on the ‘main’ parliamentary committee dossiers and includes the dossier responding to certain criteria.

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