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Meeting with Foreign Minister Klimkin on the latest developments in Ukraine

At an extraordinary meeting on 22.7.2014 the AFET committee had an exchange of views with Pavlo Klimkin, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, on the latest developments in the country. Members expressed their deepest sorrow for the victims of the crashed plane MH17, and Peter De Gooijer, Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the EU, detailed the priorities the international community should follow on the investigation, the recovery of bodies, and the identification of those responsible for this tragedy.
Members of the European Parliament very clearly and unambiguously called for a united line between Member States on tougher sanctions towards Russia, not as a consequence of the plane crash, but to react in view of the Russian authorities' unwillingness to control the flow of arms and heavy weapons across the border to the Eastern regions of Ukraine. The Members also called for the EU to act appropriately and impose red lines upon itself when a third party violates European values and principles.
The peace process in the Middle East, the dire humanitarian conditions and the EU's response to the current situation were also discussed at that meeting. Members called not only for a cease-fire and the resumption of negotiations for a two-state solution but underlined the need for the EU to react without double standards.

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AFET Chair Elmar Brok on the situation in Iraq: “Europe must act immediately”

Elmar Brok (EPP, DE), chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, called today on the Foreign Affairs Council, the EU Member States and the Commission to "facilitate the opening of a humanitarian corridor and to continue to increase humanitarian aid to Iraqi people in desperate need of assistance."
Mr Brok issued the following statement today:
“I follow with growing concern the deteriorating security situation in Northern Iraq. So far hundreds of thousands of civilians, among them many women and children, have fled the region as a result of the brutal advance of armed terrorist groups called "Islamic State" (IS). The escalation of the conflict and the persecution of Christian minorities, Yezidis and moderate Muslims have caused a humanitarian emergency situation which requires an immediate response by the international community.
Therefore, I welcome the decisions taken in Brussels last night that EU Member States can also provide military goods, in particular also for the support of the Kurds. In this context, especially France, the United Kingdom and Germany bear a big responsibility. This requires urgent action. That's why the EU and its Member States should quickly agree among themselves and with the USA, which has demonstrated the ability to act, on the division of labour and cooperation. The question arises also whether Turkey would be ready to be included in such cooperation.
I call on the Foreign Affairs Council, the EU Member States and the Commission to facilitate the opening of a humanitarian corridor and to continue to increase humanitarian aid to Iraqi people in desperate need of assistance. Furthermore, I invite them to immediately take all necessary actions, in a coordinated manner and in close cooperation with our international partners, which help the people of Northern Iraq to return to normal life. This will require also the stabilisation of the political situation in Baghdad which is an overall pre-condition for the Iraqi authorities including the military to re-gain full control over the entire territory of Northern Iraq. In particular, the creation of a government inclusive of all sections of the population is urgently needed. Iran can also make an important contribution to this process.”    

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AFET 22-07-2014 - 17:58  

EU sanctions against Russia must be stepped up, the Ukrainian border closed to halt arms flows from Russia, and the bodies of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash victims returned, MEPs insisted in today’s debate with Ukraine’s foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin. Mr Klimkin called on the EU to show its solidarity now, as Ukraine is “being punished for its EU aspirations”. The debate opened with a minute’s silence for victims of the 17 July crash.

Presentatie en bevoegdheden
Deze commissie is bevoegd voor de bevordering, tenuitvoerlegging en controle van het buitenlands beleid van de Unie ten aanzien van:
1.    het gemeenschappelijk buitenlands en veiligheidsbeleid (GBVB) en het gemeenschappelijk veiligheids- en defensiebeleid (GVDB). Hierbij wordt de commissie bijgestaan door een Subcommissie veiligheid en defensie;
2.    de betrekkingen met andere Unie-instellingen en -organen, de VN en andere internationale organisaties en interparlementaire vergaderingen voor aangelegenheden die onder haar bevoegdheid vallen;
3.    het toezicht op de Europese Dienst voor extern optreden
4.    de intensivering van de politieke betrekkingen met derde landen door middel van veelomvattende samenwerkings- en hulpverleningsprogramma's of internationale overeenkomsten, zoals associatie- en partnerschapsovereenkomsten;
5.    de opening, follow-up en sluiting van onderhandelingen over toetreding van Europese staten tot de Unie;
6.    de volledige wetgeving, planning en nauwkeurig onderzoek van de maatregelen in het kader van het Europees instrument voor democratie en de mensenrechten, het Europees nabuurschapsinstrument, het instrument voor pretoetredingssteun, het instrument voor bijdrage aan vrede en stabiliteit en het partnerschapsinstrument voor samenwerking met derde landen, en al het beleid dat daaraan ten grondslag ligt;
7.    het toezicht op en de follow-up van, onder andere, het Europees nabuurschapsbeleid (ENB), met name met betrekking tot de jaarlijkse ENB-voortgangsverslagen;
8.    kwesties betreffende de democratie, de rechtsstaat, de rechten van de mens, met inbegrip van de rechten van minderheden, in derde landen en de beginselen van het internationale recht; Hierbij wordt de commissie bijgestaan door een Subcommissie mensenrechten, die moet zorgen voor de samenhang tussen alle externe beleidsmaatregelen van de Unie en haar beleid inzake de mensenrechten. Onverminderd de relevante bepalingen, kunnen de vergaderingen van de subcommissie worden bijgewoond door leden van andere commissies en organen met bevoegdheden op dit terrein;
9.    de betrokkenheid van het Parlement bij missies voor verkiezingswaarneming, zo nodig in samenwerking met andere relevante commissies en delegaties.
De commissie draagt zorg voor het beleidstoezicht en de coördinatie van de werkzaamheden van de gemengde parlementaire commissies en parlementaire samenwerkingscommissies, alsmede van de werkzaamheden van de interparlementaire delegaties en delegaties ad hoc die onder haar bevoegdheid vallen.
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