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November 2014

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  Monday, 1 December from 15:00-18:30
  Tuesday, 2 December from 09:00-12:30 and 15:00-18:30
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► Reports voted in ECON (provisional versions)
In order to increase the public awareness of the reports and final texts voted in ECON, provisional versions are available to the public in Reports voted in ECON / final texts agreed with Council until the on-line publication in Documents : Reports or in Plenary.

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Vote on the appointment of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Members of the Board of the SRB

On Monday 15 December, the ECON committee will vote whether or not to approve the Commission's proposals for the members of the Board of the Single Resolution Mechanism for banks in the eurozone and other participating countries. The Board will be responsible for resolving failing banks, using the tools provided and avoiding taxpayer  bailouts. The Commission proposed 6 names on 5 December after a thorough selection process, during which shortlists of candidates for these positions were sent to the European Parliament. The ECON committee heard all of the six candidates proposed by the Commission in public session on 8 and 9 December. If the committee votes to approve the candidates proposed by the Commission, the proposal will be put to the plenary immediately afterwards.
Monday, 15 December, from19:30 - 20:00, room WIC 200 in Strasbourg

European Investment Bank – Annual Report 20013

The Draft Initiative Report on the European Investment Bank activity will be presented in ECON by the Rapporteur Ernest Urtasun. This annual exercise of democratic scrutiny will focus on the main activity of the EIB, including special initiatives such as the Project Bonds and the Programme for the SMEs. The ECON debate will cover the economic, social and environmental impact on the EIB financing activity both in the EU and in third countries. Special attention will also be paid to the effect of the recent increase of capital of the EIB and to the role that the Bank will play within the new Investment plan launched by the EC President.
Monday, 8 December, from 15:40 - 16:20, room JAN 4Q2 

Economic Dialogue and exchange of views on the AGS and the Alert Mechanism Report

ECON and EMPL held a Joint Economic Dialogue and exchange of views on the Annual Growth Survey 2015 (AGS) with Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the European Commission, Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, and Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, on Tuesday 2 December in Brussels. This meeting provided an opportunity for Members to ask questions on the AGS which has been published on 13 November, a document that takes stock of 2014 and outlines the economic policy priorities at the EU level for 2015.

Economic Dialogue and exchange of views with Commissioner P. Moscovici

On 1 December ECON held an Economic Dialogue and exchange of views with Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, in order to discuss
• Commission's opinion on the Draft Budgetary Plans of euro area member states
• review of the 6/2 Packs regulations

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ECON 17-12-2014 - 19:02  

The fees that banks charge retailers to process shoppers’ payments should be capped under uniform rules across in the EU following a deal struck by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and Council negotiators on Wednesday. The cap would apply to both cross-border and domestic card-based payments and should result in lower costs for consumers.

LIBE ECON 17-12-2014 - 09:47  

The ultimate owners of companies would have to be listed in central registers in EU countries, accessible to people with a "legitimate interest", such as investigative journalists and other concerned citizens, under a deal struck by Parliament and Council negotiators on a draft EU anti-money laundering directive on Tuesday. The rules would also require banks, auditors, lawyers, real estate agents and casinos, among others, to be more vigilant about suspicious transactions made by their clients.

ECON 08-12-2014 - 18:42  

Candidate Chair of the EU Single Resolution Board (SRB) Ms Elke König (DE), was quizzed by Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee at a public hearing on Monday. Ms König and five other candidates for Board positions were nominated by the European Commission on Friday 5 December.

ECON 02-12-2014 - 15:05  

Commissioner Pierre Moscovici was asked to account for the European Commission’s decision to give France, Italy and Belgium more time to hit Eurozone budgetary targets by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs on Tuesday. MEPs urged that budget plan deadlines should be met and that criteria for applying rules more flexibly to some EU member states than others should be clear and detailed.

ECON 27-11-2014 - 09:46  

A negotiating team led by Alain Lamassoure (EPP, FR) struck a political deal with the Council and the Commission on European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIFs) on Wednesday evening. These funds should boost non-bank financing for projects that deliver infrastructure, intellectual property or research results which benefit the real economy and society.

ECON 17-11-2014 - 19:52  

The European Central Bank will take unconventional monetary measures if the economic situation in the euro area requires them, ECB President Mario Draghi reiterated to economic and monetary affairs MEPs on Monday. As the Banking Union takes shape, risks could migrate from banks to the non-banking sector, he warned. Also, speaking as chair of the Systemic Risk Board, he added that there is "a vast scope for more coordination of sanctions against banks between the US and Europe".

Deze commissie is bevoegd voor:
1. het economisch en monetair beleid van de Unie, de werking van de Economische en Monetaire Unie en het Europees monetair en financieel stelsel (met inbegrip van de betrekkingen met relevante instellingen of organisaties);
2. het vrij verkeer van kapitaal en betalingen (grensoverschrijdende betalingen, één enkele betalingsruimte, betalingsbalans, kapitaalverkeer en het beleid ten aanzien van het aangaan en verstrekken van leningen, controle op kapitaalbewegingen uit derde landen, maatregelen ter bevordering van de uitvoer van kapitaal van de Unie);
3. het internationaal monetair en financieel stelsel (met inbegrip van de betrekkingen met financiële en monetaire instellingen of organisaties);
4. regels inzake mededinging en staats- en overheidssteun;
5. belastingen;
6. de regeling van en het toezicht op financiële diensten, instellingen en markten, met inbegrip van financiële verslaglegging, controle, regels inzake financiële administratie, bedrijfsbestuur en andere vennootschapsrechtsaspecten die specifiek betrekking hebben op financiële diensten;
7. de desbetreffende financiële activiteiten van de Europese Investeringsbank in het kader van de Europese economische beleidsaansturing in de eurozone.
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Welkom bij de Commissie economische en monetaire zaken (ECON). De commissie is verantwoordelijk voor de economische en monetaire unie (EMU), de regelgeving inzake financiële diensten, het vrije verkeer van kapitaal en betalingen, belastingen en mededingingsbeleid, en het internationale financiële stelsel.
De zevende zittingsperiode werd gekenmerkt door de ernstigste economische, financiële en sociale crisis van de laatste tijd. De ECON-commissie heeft een doorslaggevende rol gespeeld bij de goedkeuring van wetgeving om de crisis het hoofd te bieden en meer taken aangenomen op het gebied van toezicht en verslaggeving. Het Parlement heeft daarom besloten de commissie uit te breiden van 50 naar 61 leden.
Thans zijn groei en werkgelegenheid onze belangrijkste prioriteiten. Stabiliteit, het bevorderen van investeringen, hervormingen en sociale cohesie moeten elkaar wederzijds versterken. De ECON-commissie zal op dit gebied een serieus debat op gang brengen.
Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat we nu tot een echte EMU moeten komen, met een effectief economisch bestuur dat verantwoording aflegt aan het Parlement.
We moeten de belangrijkste wetgeving op het gebied van bankenhervorming, financiële criminaliteit en het bevorderen van investeringen in op groei gerichte langetermijnprojecten voltooien.
We moeten er ook op toezien dat het nieuwe regelgevingskader op adequate wijze wordt uitgevoerd en herzien, en zullen nauwgezet toezicht houden op de Commissie en de Europese toezichthoudende autoriteiten. Een goed gereguleerde en functionerende kapitaalmarkt is van cruciaal belang om groei te bewerkstelligen.
Ten slotte zal de commissie bijdragen aan de inspanningen om de democratische legitimiteit te versterken op basis van de communautaire methode. Een hechte EMU moet een democratische EMU zijn. De commissie zal derhalve haar samenwerking met de nationale parlementen intensiveren.