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ECON committee meetings in May

18-05-2017 - 17:45

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Committees again reject blacklist of states at risk of money laundering

ECON LIBE 03-05-2017 - 19:01

The EU should have an autonomous process for judging whether countries are at high-risk of money laundering, say committee MEPs after rejecting for a second time, by 61 votes to 7 with 32 abstentions, a blacklist of countries drawn up by the EU Commission. (Lees meer)


MEPs vote to lower VAT on e-books, aligning them with printed books

ECON 03-05-2017 - 18:43

EU citizens could pay less for e-books after plans to allow member states to reduce VAT on e-publications were backed in committee on Wednesday. (Lees meer)

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Welkom bij de Commissie economische en monetaire zaken (ECON). De commissie is verantwoordelijk voor de economische en monetaire unie (EMU), de regelgeving inzake financiële diensten, het vrije verkeer van kapitaal en betalingen, belastingen en mededingingsbeleid, en het internationale financiële stelsel.

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