De workshops worden georganiseerd door de beleidsondersteunende afdelingen en bieden de leden de gelegenheid vragen te stellen aan en van gedachten te wisselen met deskundigen over onderwerpen in verband met de parlementaire werkzaamheden of over actuele onderwerpen. Zij zijn niet noodzakelijk openbaar, maar kunnen tijdens een commissievergadering plaatsvinden.

17-10-2016 - JURI Workshop on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

JURI 06-12-2016 - 11:04

At the request of the Committee on Legal Affairs, the Policy Department organised a workshop on “Robotics and artificial intelligence - ethical issues and regulatory approach”, on 17 October at 15.00, with the participation of Members of national Parliaments.

Artificial intelligence (AI) raises a number of ethical and political challenges for the present and near future, with driverless cars and search engines in the news. Potential issues range from job disruption to privacy violations. Over a longer term, if AI becomes as or more intelligent than humans, other governance issues such as safety and control may increase in importance. What policy approaches make sense across different issues and timeframes?

The first part of the workshop focused on basic ethical and policy questions raised by the development of robotics and AI, on the basis of presentations by experts. This was followed by a discussion with national parliamentarians on what the legislator should do and at which level, with the European Parliament's draft legislative initiative report on "Civil Law Rules on Robotics" as a basis.

Locatie : Brussels, JAN 6Q2

Programme and background documents

      Draft report on Robotics by Mrs Delvaux - ALL LANGUAGES


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