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  MINUTES - Wednesday 17 April 2019

21-05-2019 AFET_PV(2019)04-17-1 PE 638.656v01-00

Documenten in dossier AFET/8/15937

  NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition 1847/2013 by E.L.-S. (Dutch), on religious and ethnic discrimination against a child by the British authorities Petition 2498/2013 by B.G. (United Kingdom), on the removal of her children by social services Petition 2543/2013 by S.D. (British), on the return of her child, who has been taken into care by the British authorities Petition 2546/2013 by A.B. (Lithuanian), on her son, who has been taken into care

16-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)557059 PE 557.059v02-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/03394

MEDEDELING AAN DE LEDEN - Verzoekschrift nr. 1015/2016, ingediend door L. R. D. (Britse nationaliteit), over het dierenwelzijn van gezelschapsdieren in de EU-lidstaten

16-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)602891 PE 602.891v02-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/09648

  NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 0600/2017 by Felice Saronni (Italian), on behalf of the Associazione Arese 5 stelle, accompanied by 18 signatures, against the modification of a commercial-leisure urban expansion plan of an ex-industrial area Petition No 0919/2018 by Mr Massimiliano Mantovani (Italian), bearing 22 signatures, on a motion to dismiss the construction project of a new shopping centre in Bollate, in the province of Milan (Italy) Petition No 0960/2018 by Maurizio Zinesi (Italian), on behalf of Movimento 5 Stelle, bearing 2 signatures, against the project for the extension of a shopping mall in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan)

16-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)618150 PE 618.150v02-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/12183

  MINUTES - Tuesday 5 March 2019

15-05-2019 CJ12_PV(2019)03-05-1 PE 636.290v01-00

Documenten in dossier CJ12/8/15692

MEDEDELING AAN DE LEDEN - Verzoekschrift nr. 0063/2014, ingediend door J. I. (Litouwse nationaliteit), namens haar dochter, over het welzijn van kinderen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

15-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)557372 PE 557.372v03-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/03574

  NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition 2657/2013 by Denis Dugré (French), on the collection by the French State of taxes on the real estate income of a person who is not a tax resident of France Petition No 0443/2016 by Jean Doignie (French) on France's failure to execute a judgment given by the Court of Justice of the EU on a tax matter

15-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)574990 PE 574.990v05-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/05423

  NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 0733/2018 by J.B. (Portuguese) on improving the protection of genetic data related to European Union citizens

15-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)637225 PE 637.225v02-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/15852

  NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 0829/2018 by Julio Bienvenido Cárdenas Císcar (Spanish) on the alleged illegal recruitment of temporary civil servants by the Spanish public authorities Petition No 0897/2018 by R. S. G. (Spanish) on the supposed fraudulent hiring of workers by Spanish public administrations in breach of Directive 1999/70/EC

15-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)638612 PE 638.612v01-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/15964

  NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Petition No 0879/2017 by Slavomir Elias (Slovak) on the alleged danger to the thermal water sources by the extraction of the brown coal in Slovakia

15-05-2019 PETI_CM(2019)638631 PE 638.631v01-00

Documenten in dossier PETI/8/15954