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The next INTA meeting

16-01-2015 - 11:03

The last meeting of the Committee on International Trade took place in Brussels on 13 and 14  April 2015.

See the highlights of this meeting below.

The next meeting of INTA Committee will take place on 6 and 7 May 2015.

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Votes of 14 April 2015

14-04-2015 - 18:24
Committee vote

INTA voted on the following files:

- Report on"Conflict minerals" (Rapporteur: Iuliu Winkler, PPE). Members voted the 627 amendments to the legislative proposal of the Commission to promote responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict areas in an attempt to break the link between mineral extraction and conflict. Please see additional information below.

- Draft Opinion to the ITRE report on "European Energy Security". 83 amendments were tabled to this topical and important opinion. Whilst Members agree that trade is an important tool in the EU's energy security strategy, opinions differ e.g. on the scope of energy security,and as to which extent the Union should join its efforts when negotiating energy agreements with third countries. INTA Rapporteur for the opinion is Helmut SCHOLZ (GUE).

Consideration of amendments: Recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the TTIP

14-04-2015 - 18:10
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

INTA Members had an extensive discussion on 898 amendments that have been tabled to the Draft Report on "Recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement". This debate prepared the ground for further discussions on possible compromise amendments to be negotiated among political groups within the coming weeks leading to the vote of the TTIP resolution in INTA, scheduled to take place in May 2015.

Exchange of views on the EU-Myanmar Investment Agreement

13-04-2015 - 12:54
Shwedagon Paya at twilight, Yangoon, Myanmar

Further to the first round of negotiations between the European Commission and Myanmar government on an investment agreement, and just before the second round, the Committee held an exchange of views with the participation of the EU Chief Negotiator.

As a reminder, INTA Committee also held a public hearing on this topic on 6 November 2014. The EU-Myanmar Investment agreement is an only-investment protection agreement (without market access) and none of the EU Member States have any bilateral investment treaty with Myanmar so far.

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Trade MEPs beef up rules to stem flow of conflict mineral money to armed groups

INTA 14-04-2015 - 15:19

EU smelters and refiners importing „conflict” minerals and metals would have to be certified by the EU in order to help stem the flow of revenue to armed groups, under a draft law as amended by the International Trade Committee on Tuesday. Other amendments lay down conditions for EU recognition of industry self-certification schemes, and labelling requirements. All these amendments still need to be approved by Parliament as a whole. (Przeczytaj więcej)


TTIP: MEPs differ on safeguards for data, services, environment and investment

INTA 14-04-2015 - 09:56

Eight hundred and ninety-eight amendments to a draft resolution on progress in talks with the US on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) were debated by the International Trade Committee on Monday. (Przeczytaj więcej)

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Bernd Lange (S&D) - Chairman of the Committee on International Trade

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