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Anti-tax avoidance: close tax gap with low-tax third countries, say MEPs

ECON 24-05-2016 - 14:42

The European Commission's proposal for an EU anti-tax avoidance directive was welcomed by Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in a resolution voted on Tuesday. MEPs nonetheless advocated stricter limits on deductions for interest payments and an effective corporate tax rate of 15%. (Przeczytaj więcej)


Corporate tax: economic affairs MEPs welcome information sharing by authorities

ECON 26-04-2016 - 14:42

The European Commission's proposal for automatic exchange of corporate tax information among national tax authorities was welcomed by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs on Tuesday as a positive step in the fight against aggressive corporate tax planning. But MEPs also advocated adding further safeguards in the text to ensure that competition in the single market is not distorted by advantageous national tax deals with multinationals. (Przeczytaj więcej)


Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos welcomes EP role in monitoring reforms

ECON 02-03-2016 - 18:21

Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos welcomes the European Parliament’s stronger involvement in monitoring the financial assistance programme for Greece, he told Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs in an economic dialogue meeting on Wednesday. "We need an honest broker, representing different views from different political perspectives, to examine the economic and social impact of the programme", he said, referring to the new EP working group on macro-economic adjustment programmes. (Przeczytaj więcej)


Dijsselbloem pledges to strengthen EU Banking Union and tackle tax-avoidance

ECON 18-02-2016 - 16:00

Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem will strive to strengthen the EU Banking Union, despite recent calls to loosen regulation in response to bank share volatility in in global markets, he told the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee on Thursday. "There should be no doubt of the European Union's determination to apply these rules", he said in his capacity as Eurogroup President and chair of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN). (Przeczytaj więcej)


"We have plenty of monetary policy instruments if needed", Draghi tells MEPs

ECON 15-02-2016 - 18:34

The European Central Bank has plenty of monetary policy instruments, and the leeway to use them if needed, ECB President Mario Draghi told economic and monetary affairs MEPs on Monday. The ECB’s assets purchase programme is flexible enough to adapt to changing economies and markets, he replied to comments that it may soon run out of room to manoeuvre.Mr Draghi had already warned that the ECB Board would probably reconsider its monetary policy stance in March due to the weaker inflation outlook. (Przeczytaj więcej)


Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs - meeting 18/02/2016 (AM)

ECON 12-02-2016 - 10:14

Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs - meeting 18/02/2016 (AM) (Przeczytaj więcej)


European Parliamentary Week: MPs in Brussels to debate economy, jobs and budget

ECON EMPL BUDG 12-02-2016 - 09:44

The European Parliament will welcome national MPs from across Europe on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 February for joint debates with MEPs on the European Semester Cycles 2015/2016 (Tuesday) and on Stability, Economic Coordination and Governance in the European Union (Wednesday). Both events are being held as part of the 2016 edition of the European Parliamentary Week (#EPW16). (Przeczytaj więcej)


2016: year of corporate tax reform and fiscal transparency, Moscovici tells MEPs

TAX2 ECON 12-01-2016 - 11:09

2016 should be the year of corporate tax reform and fiscal transparency, tax Commissioner Pierre Moscovici told MEPs from the Special Committee on Tax Rulings and the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee at a hearing on Monday evening. “We have a serious problem with tax avoidance and lack of transparency. Too many people have looked the other way”, Mr Moscovici said. (Przeczytaj więcej)


Commission should speed up and expand Google competition investigation, MEPs say

ECON 07-12-2015 - 18:57

The EU Commission should investigate why Google offers its “Android” operating system only in conjunction with other Google services and also why manufacturers allegedly may not pre-install rival products; MEPs say in a response to the Commission’s annual competition report for 2014. (Przeczytaj więcej)


Economic affairs MEPs ask EU Commission to table corporate tax measures

ECON 01-12-2015 - 11:14

The EU Commission is asked to table measures to improve corporate tax transparency, coordination and EU-wide policy convergence in legislative recommendations voted by the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee on Tuesday. These recommendations build on the work of Parliament’s Special Committee on Tax Rulings, set up in the wake of the “Luxleaks” revelations, whose recommendations were approved at the 26 November plenary session. (Przeczytaj więcej)