Wyjazdy służbowe

Komisja może podjąć decyzję o zorganizowaniu wyjazdu służbowego do jednego z krajów członkowskich, bądź kraju spoza Unii Europejskiej lub na konferencje międzynarodowe. Wyjazdy są organizowane w ramach wykonywania uprawnień przyznanych danej komisji i bierze w nich udział ograniczona liczba członków komisji. Komisje mogą również wysłać, na nie więcej niż trzy dni, trzyosobową delegację do agencji, dla których jest komisją przedmiotowo właściwą. Niniejsza strona zawiera wszelkie dostępne informacje dotyczące konkretnych wyjazdów służbowych.

24-02-2020 - Fact Finding Visit to Bulgaria: 24 - 26 February 2020

PETI 14-02-2020 - 11:48
The Flag of Bulgaria in the World Map

The Committee on Petitions is organising a fact-finding visit to Bulgaria in the period 24-26 February 2020. In the first part, the members of the delegation will meet petitioners in Sofia along with the responsible state authorities, professional associations, consumer protection organizations and the Bulgarian Ombudsman to discuss issues related to the banking system and private enforcement agents. (Przeczytaj więcej)

06-02-2019 - TAX3 Mission to Estonia and Denmark

TAX3 06-03-2019 - 14:20
TAX3 Mission to Estonia and Denmark - 6 to 8 February 2019

Further to a hearing held in the European Parliament on "Combatting money laundering in the EU banking system", in which representatives of Danske Bank took part, the Special Committee on Financial Crime, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX3) decided to send a delegation to Estonia and Denmark to study more in detail the money laundering scandal involving Danske bank in Denmark and its subsidiary in Estonia. (Przeczytaj więcej)

18-12-2018 - INTA mission to Chile

INTA 27-05-2019 - 17:25
Image of EU and Chile flags intertwined

The delegation, led by INTA Chair, Mr Bernd Lange, and the Standing Rapporteur, Mrs Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero Fernández (S&D, ES), travelled to Chile to meet a number of key government figures including VM Foreign Affairs and Ministers in charge of economy, agriculture, mining, environment, labour and gender. They also had exchanges with Chilean legislators, civil society organisations, representatives of the industry and indigenous people. (Przeczytaj więcej)

17-12-2018 - Fact Finding Visit to Italy: 17 - 18 December 2018

PETI 11-07-2019 - 17:16
Valley with industrial road in Italy

The Committee on Petitions will conduct a fact-finding mission from 17-18 December 2018 to Valledora, Italy. The purpose of the mission is to investigate concerns about several quarries and landfills located between the municipalities of Alice Castello and Cavaglià (Piedmont Region, Italy). The delegation will meet with local civil and religious authorities, and consult citizens as well as scientific and legal experts before conducting a site inspection in the area concerned. (Przeczytaj więcej)

22-11-2018 - TAX3 Mission to the Isle of Man

TAX3 30-01-2019 - 15:09
Mission to Isle of Man of the TAX3 Special Committee - 22 and 23 November 2018

From the 22 to the 23 of November a delegation of the Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX3) will conduct a mission to the Isle of Man. The aim of the visit is to discuss with both public and private stakeholders different aspects linked to the fight against money laundering, tax evasion and avoidance, notably the treatment of VAT and the policy evolution regarding ultimate beneficial ownership. (Przeczytaj więcej)

21-11-2018 - INTA delegation to OECD

INTA 27-05-2019 - 17:20

INTA Members travelled to the OECD to discuss trade related issues such as global forum on steel overcapacity, anti-corruption in trade agreements and global value chains. The delegation will meet with OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria and attend the presentation of the 2018 OECD Economic Outlook. (Przeczytaj więcej)

30-10-2018 - Joint INTA/AFET delegation to the G-20 Parliamentary Conference in Buenos Aires

INTA 27-05-2019 - 17:15

This is the first time ever that such a Parliamentary Conference on the margins of G-20 took place. In addition to the participation at the Conference, the delegation, chaired jointly by AFET Chairman David McAllister (PPE) and INTA Vice-Chair Iuliu Winkler (PPE), had series of meetings with the government, the Congress, civil society and business organisations. (Przeczytaj więcej)

29-10-2018 - INTA mission to South Africa

INTA 27-05-2019 - 17:10
flag of South Africa

During the mission INTA Members assessed the implementation of EU-SADC Economic Partnership Agreement that has been provisionally applied since October 2016. In addition, the Members took stock with their counterparts of bilateral EU and South Africa trade and investment relations. They also met with civil society, chambers of commerce, land reform and trade law experts among others. (Przeczytaj więcej)

08-10-2018 - INTA mission to Tunisia

INTA 27-05-2019 - 17:18

From 8 to 9 October 2018, a delegation of INTA Committee visited Tunisia in order to engage about the ongoing negotiations for a EU-Tunisia Trade Agreement. Members met with the Tunisia's Secretary of State for Trade, the Minister for Agriculture, Members of the Tunisian Parliament, and representatives of professional associations, such as UTICA, and of Trade –Unions, such as UGTT. The outcome of this mission was be presented by the INTA Chair during the meeting on 11 October. (Przeczytaj więcej)

19-09-2018 - Fact-finding visit to Spain: 19 - 21 September 2018

PETI 11-07-2019 - 16:33
Wooden pathway in beautiful landscape in Donana Natural Park and nature reserve. Palace of Acebron in Huelva, Andalusia Spain

The Petitions Committee conducted a fact-finding mission to Donana, Spain from 19-21 September 2018. The objective of the mission is to investigate the concerns raised in a series of petitions submitted to the Committee on the environmental situation and possible degradation of the national park in Donana and the surroundings area. (Przeczytaj więcej)