Komisja może zorganizować przesłuchanie z udziałem biegłych, jeśli uzna to za niezbędne w pracach dotyczących określonej tematyki. Przesłuchania mogą również wspólnie zorganizować dwie komisje lub więcej. Większość komisji organizuje okresowe przesłuchania, gdyż umożliwiają one wysłuchanie biegłych oraz omówienie kwestii o podstawowym znaczeniu. Na tej stronie zamieszczono wszelkie dostępne informacje dotyczące przesłuchań komisji, w tym programy i wypowiedzi poszczególnych osób.

19-02-2019 - EU-Taiwan trade relations

INTA 22-02-2019 - 10:01
city view

The purpose of this hearing was primarily to look at the state of play of the bilateral economic relations between the EU and Taiwan. Representatives of the Commission and of the EEAS brought up the institutional approach, while the business angle was delivered by a representative of a German company active in Taiwan on the field of wind-turbine (ENERCON Taiwan). (Przeczytaj więcej)

23-01-2019 - EU-Asia connectivity and its impact on trade

INTA 31-01-2019 - 16:58
Image of the planet

This hearing addressed the different approaches to EU-Asia connectivity and the issues at stake when it comes to trade. The first panel focused on the possible synergies and challenges with the different approaches and the promotion of multilateral solution, with two well known academics and representatives of Institutions. (Przeczytaj więcej)

19-11-2018 - Trade Policy Day: “Trade-for-All: What are the benefits for our people?”

INTA 21-11-2018 - 14:37
Image of two strips red and blue with white letters stating trade policy day

The theme of this years´ edition of the Trade Policy Day was “Trade-for-All: What are the benefits for our people?” INTA held its' third Trade Policy Day focussing on the implementation of the Commission`s Trade for All strategy which was adopted in October 2015. Alan Beattie from the Financial Times moderated a high-level panel with seven speakers including Trade Commissioner Malmström. (Przeczytaj więcej)

10-10-2018 - EU-Vietnam Free Trade and Investment Protection Agreements

INTA 21-11-2018 - 14:46
Image of the city busy street at night with old and new buildings in contrast to each other.

On 10 October, the INTA Committee organized a public hearing on Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) between the European Union and Vietnam. The agreements were concluded recently and the European Parliament will be requested to give its consent to these historic deals. The hearing hosted chief negotiators of the agreements from both sides, as well as experts and stakeholders (business, human rights, including labour and environment) from the EU and from Vietnam. (Przeczytaj więcej)

09-07-2018 - The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

INTA 25-07-2018 - 10:02
Image of EU and Japan flags

Members of INTA Committee took a close look at the landmark Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Japan – just two days before the deal was signed by EU and Japan leaders in Brussels and during times of mounting global trade tensions. The former Japanese chief negotiator, Mr. SUZUKI, DG TRADE's Director-General, Mr. DEMARTY, as well as wide range of stakeholders from the EU and Japan, including business, trade unions and Civil Society, discussed its content and potential impact. (Przeczytaj więcej)

20-06-2018 - Strengthening ties: EU-Latin America trade relations

INTA 03-07-2018 - 11:47
Image of a bridge over water connecting two lands

Strengthening trade and political ties with our Latin American partners is a key priority especially in times when protectionism is raising and the multilateral trading system is at stake. INTA held a public hearing focussing on the modernisation of the Mexico and Chile agreements, the MERCOSUR negotiations and the implementation of trade agreements with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Central America. (Przeczytaj więcej)

24-04-2018 - WTO: the way forward after Buenos Aires

INTA 15-05-2018 - 15:13
Image of flags of the countries, members of the WTO thrown in a disorderly pile

The 11th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Buenos Aires ended without any negotiated outcome. At the same time, the organisation is under pressure due to escalating tensions between major trading partners. Is the WTO in crisis? What is the way forward? INTA discussed this with WTO Deputy-Director General Frederic Agah and invited experts from China, the United States, India and the Geneva-based International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. (Przeczytaj więcej)

24-04-2018 - Strategies for EU-China relations

AFET INTA 23-04-2018 - 18:49
Poster for Strategies for EU-China relations hearing

The Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) in association with the Committee on International Trade (INTA) will hold a public hearing on 'Strategies for China' on 24 April at 14:30-15:50 in Brussels (room: JAN 2Q2). (Przeczytaj więcej)

21-03-2018 - Brexit and future trade relations

INTA 09-04-2018 - 12:39
Image of two hands in the gesture to shake hands, painted in the colours of UK and EU flags

INTA held a public hearing on widely debated topic of Brexit and future EU-UK trade relations. Academics and other experts discussed the economic impact of the UK withdrawal on mutual trade and its wider implications, such as the effects on EU trade agreements with third countries and preferences for the least developed countries, as well as options for transition period after the exit date. (Przeczytaj więcej)