"Condolences to the victims of cyclone Pam and solidarity with the people of Vanuatu"

19-03-2015 - 12:01
Vanuatu: Assessing the impact of cyclone Pam

"On behalf of the Committee on Development, I express our sincere condolences to the victims of cyclone Pam and their families and our solidarity with the people of Vanuatu" said Chair Linda McAvan. "This disaster is among the most serious that the region has ever suffered".

"We welcome the European Commission's rapid funding response to cover most urgent needs in Vanuatu, even though the scale of the devastation and humanitarian needs especially in the remote areas still need to be assessed", stated McAvan this Tuesday (17 March).

Having just returned from the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan, the Committee's Standing Rapporteur on Humanitarian Aid Enrique Guerrero Salom added:

"Along with my colleague in the European Parliament delegation to the World Conference, I would like to underline the importance of a common framework and closer cooperation to face the challenges that disaster risk reduction raises in a world where natural catastrophes are increasing phenomena. The tragedy in Vanuatu is a sharp reminder; preparedness and strengthening disaster resilience have to be at the forefront of our efforts".

The Bureau of ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, meeting in Brussels on Thursday, 18 March also expressed its solidarity and observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims of cyclone Pam.

In its next meeting on 31 March - 1 April, the Committee on Development will hear the Commission on the EU contribution to the emergency relief efforts in Vanuatu.

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Committee meeting 31.03-01.04: Migration, tax avoidance, Ebola, Vanuatu, development finance

25-03-2015 - 15:40
A boat full of would be immigrants is seen near the Italian island of Lampedusa on March 7, 2011.  ©BELGA/AFP/Roberto Salomone

In its forthcoming meeting, the Development Committee will discuss how to deal with the causes and consequences of the Ebola outbreak, hear about relief efforts for Vanuatu, and discuss EU Budget Support and Financing for Development on Tuesday afternoon (31 March).

Wednesday morning (1 April) will be dedicated to a debate with the Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) on the nexus between development and migration. In the afternoon, EU Member States' commitment to dedicate 0.7% of the Gross National Income to development assistance will be subject of a Committee vote, followed by discussions on the right to water, EU relations with Africa and tax evasion in developing countries.

European Year for Development 2015: Briefings on monthly themes

19-03-2015 - 12:49
our world, our dignity, our future

During the European Year for Development (EYD), the EU aims to highlight specific topics and sectors of development cooperation through monthly themes.

The European Parliament research services contribute to this with monthly briefings and infographics. Briefings on the theme of "Europe in the World" (January), "Education" (February) and the most recent on"Women and Girls" (March) are available for download (links below). In addition, an updated briefing "At a glance" about the aims and origins of EYD 2015 has also been published.

9 March: DEVE Committee vote on 'conflict minerals'

02-03-2015 - 16:56
Tin ore

On 9 March, the Committee on Development held an extrordinaory meeting to adopt its Opinion on so-called 'conflict minerals' legislation.

The adopted Opinin calls for a mandatory system of certification for the sourcing of certain minerals from conflict affected countries or regions. The DEVE Opinion contributes to preparing Parliament's position on this legislation proposed by the Commission in 2014 in view of setting up a "system for supply chain due diligence self-certification of responsible importers of tin, tantalum and tungsten, their ores, and gold originating in conflict-affected and high-risk areas". The main legislative report is drawn up by the Committee on International Trade.

Workshop 5 March: "The role of the private sector in fostering sustainable development"

26-02-2015 - 17:52
Private sector in fostering sustainable development

On Thursday, 5 March DEVE Rapporteur Nirj Deva (ECR, UK) will chair a workshop with experts and stakeholders to prepare his report on "Private sector and development".

The report will contribute to the operationalising  the new policy framework initiated by the Commission Communication on "A Stronger Role of the Private Sector in Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries". The workshop on 5 March (10:00-12:30 UCT) includes two panels, the first panel looking at the partnership models to support the private sector in developing countries while the second will focus on the principles of engagement for the private sector.

Committee meeting 23/24 February: Ukraine crisis, Zero Hunger, TTIP

26-02-2015 - 17:51
World Food Day - The Family Meal

During the Development Committee meeting of 23-24 February, MEPs debated how to end hunger, the impact of the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on developing countries and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine as well as the future of development finance.

The meeting started with taking stock of the humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The Committee then welcomed the Executive Director of the World Food Programme, Ms Ertharin Cousin, and EU Commissioner Stylianides to discuss ways of eradicating hunger and improving nutrition for a growing global population. On Tuesday, key topics were financing for development post-2015, EU legislation on conflict minerals as well as a vote on the Committee's TTIP Opinion.

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TTIP talks: EP committees discuss their recommendations for negotiators

DEVE INTA 24-02-2015 - 18:58

Concern about the lack of tangible progress in TTIP talks were voiced by International trade MEPs who on Tuesday debated their draft recommendations for the TTIP negotiators. Lively discussion concerned the investor-to-state dispute-settlement clause, dubbed unnecessary by the chair, Bernd Lange (DE, S&D). Meanwhile, the development committee adopted an opinion stressing the impact of TTIP on developing countries and calling for the deal to have an explicit reference to development policy. (Ler mais)

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