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03-07-2015 - 15:48

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INTA Report with the "recommendations on TTIP" in plenary

03-07-2015 - 16:04

Following the vote in INTA, all plenary amendments and requests for split and separate votes, that were tabled to the TTIP report (containing EP's recommendations to the Commission for the negotiations) should be put to vote in Plenary.

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Hearing on Human Rights conditionalities in trade agreements with African countries

03-07-2015 - 15:55
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The hearing takes place on Tuesday, 14 July at 10.30 (Room PHS 1A002) and is co-organised by the Committee on International Trade and the Subcommittee on Human Rights.

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Stopping trade in inhumane equipment

03-07-2015 - 15:55

Latest studies and analysis

03-07-2015 - 15:53

Documents prepared by the European Parliament’s various research services aiming to support the work of Members and of the various parliamentary bodies.

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TTIP: MEPs pave way for plenary vote by retabling June amendments

INTA 29-06-2015 - 18:24

International Trade Committee MEPs on Monday paved the way for a plenary vote on the European Parliament’s draft recommendations for Transatlantic Trade and investment partnership (TTIP) negotiators, by retabling the June plenary amendments which had been referred back for reconsideration. The committee took the decision in two separate votes –one to retable the plenary amendments, and the other to retable requests for split or separate votes. (Ler mais)


New TTIP timeline: Trade Committee to decide fate of 116 amendments on 29 June

INTA 16-06-2015 - 11:21

Parliament's International Trade Committee will hold an extraordinary meeting on 29 June in Brussels to decide whether the 116 amendments tabled to Parliament's draft recommendations to Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiators should be put to a vote by Parliament as a whole, the political groups represented in the committee decided on Monday. (Ler mais)

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