Uma comissão é autorizada a organizar uma audição de peritos se entender que a mesma é indispensável para o seu trabalho sobre uma determinada questão. As audições também podem ser realizadas conjuntamente por duas ou mais comissões. A maioria das comissões organiza audições com regularidade, uma vez que as mesmas lhes permitem ouvir a opinião de peritos e debater questões fulcrais. Esta página contém todas as informações disponíveis relacionadas com as audições organizadas pelas comissões, incluindo os programas e as contribuições dos oradores.

EEA-Switzerland: Obstacles with regard to the full implementation of internal market

IMCO 07-05-2015

On 7 May at 11.00, IMCO Committee will hold a hearing on EEA-Switzerland: Obstacles with regard to the full Implementation of the internal market. The Hearing will be held in the context of the IMCO INI Report and will provide for an exchange of views with experts allowing Members to benefit from their knowledge and share views and ideas regarding the transposition of the internal market acquis in the EEA EFTA States and Switzerland. (Ler mais)

Control challenges in the EU's own resources system

CONT BUDG 05-05-2015

The Hearing is organised jointly by the Committee on Budgetary Control and the Committee on Budgets. The purpose is to examine the control aspects of the GNI (gross national income) and VAT (value added tax) own resources system. In particular, Members will focus on the way own resources are collected. (Ler mais)

Public Hearing on "The internal energy market as a pillar for Energy Union"

ITRE 20-04-2015

On 20 April ITRE Committee organised a public hearing on the Internal Energy Markets. The hearing addressed the following issues: the integration of electricity and gas markets and solutions to eliminate obstacles and how Energy Union could enhance energy security and the role of domestic energy production, securing interconnections, the market for electricity from renewables, and markets aspects of reduction of emissions. (Ler mais)

Cooperation and Verification mechanism with regard to Bulgaria and Romania

CONT 14-04-2015

On 14.04.15 the Committees on Budgetary Control held a Hearing on "Cooperation and Verification mechanism with regard to Bulgaria and Romania". The objective was to allow a deep discussion at the European Parliament level to assess how Bulgaria and Romania are implementing the commitments to a judicial reform, fighting against corruption and organised crime. (Ler mais)

How to improve selectivity in the context of the discard ban

PECH 13-04-2015

This hearing will discuss issues such as improvements in selectivity based on both technical development and other measures, with a focus on fishing gear. (Ler mais)

Hearing on the situation of Fundamental Rights in the European Union

LIBE 30-03-2015
Poster of the hearing

The main objective of the public hearing is to contribute to the on-going dialogue on the mechanisms and methods to better safeguard the rule of law and the fundamental rights of persons in the Union, as well as to allow for an assessment of the Union's efforts to protect and promote its common values. (Ler mais)