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Defence: MEPs urge member states to show political will and join forces

SEDE AFCO AFET 09-02-2017 - 12:03

Defence cooperation in the EU is now more dependent on political will than on legal considerations, say the Foreign Affairs and Constitutional Affairs committees in a joint resolution passed on Thursday. (Mai mult)


Protect the Arctic from emerging risks, urge MEPs

AFET ENVI 31-01-2017 - 19:26

As the geopolitical importance of the Arctic region is growing, with climate change effects and competition for natural resources bringing new environmental and security risks for the region and for the world, the EU should speak with one voice and push to keep the Arctic an area of cooperation, says a resolution adopted by the Foreign Affairs and Environment committees on Tuesday. (Mai mult)


Foreign Affairs and Development MEPs deeply concerned about “US travel ban”

DEVE AFET DROI 31-01-2017 - 18:15

The US administration’s ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority states entering the country could "seriously undermine current global efforts towards a fair international sharing of responsibilities for refugees", said Development and Foreign Affairs MEPs in a joint resolution voted on Tuesday. (Mai mult)


Foreign affairs MEPs assess reform efforts in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina

AFET 31-01-2017 - 17:54

Albania needs to implement EU-related reforms credibly, and ensure that its June parliamentary elections are free and fair, if it is to start EU accession negotiations, said Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs on Tuesday. In a separate resolution, they also urged Bosnia and Herzegovina to overcome its ethnic and political divisions and remain united throughout the EU membership application evaluation process, to prove that it is a functioning state. (Mai mult)


Maltese Presidency priorities discussed in committee


The priorities of the Maltese Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being outlined to parliamentary committees by Maltese ministers at a series of meetings taking place in January. (Mai mult)

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