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12-01-2015 - 11:50
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The next Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 15 July (09.00 - 12.30 and 15.00 - 18.30) and Thursday 16 July (09.00 - 12.30) in Brussels.

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Follow up to the European Citizen's Initiative Right2Water

25-06-2015 - 12:38
Right to water, earth in a water drop

On 25 June, the ENVI Committee voted on the draft report on the "Follow up to the European Citizen's Initiative Right2Water", which generated widespread public interest across many Member States. In 2014, ENVI organised the first public hearing of a successful ECI on Right2Water, whose objectives focused on global access to water and sanitation and no liberalisation of water services. The draft report supports the initiators' objectives and follows the Commission's response to this ECI.

Reduction of pollutant emission from road vehicles

25-06-2015 - 12:34
Reduction of pollutant emission from road vehicles

On 25 June, the ENVI Committee held an exchange of views on the tabled amendments on the Reduction of pollutant emission from road vehicles draft report by Albert Dess.

Novel Foods

25-06-2015 - 12:30
Cloned animals food, egg

On 25 June, the ENVI Committee voted on the outcome of the inter-institutional negotiations. The text agreed includes several aspects of Parliament's mandate, such as the provisional inclusion of food from cloned animals in the scope of the regulation, the revision of the definition of nanomaterials, the reintroduction of the former food categories as well as the introduction of new ones, to include food from micro organisms, fungi and algae, from cellular or tissue culture and from insects.

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Right2water citizens’ initiative: Commission must act, say MEPs

ENVI 25-06-2015 - 18:44

The European Commission’s weak response to the first EU citizens’ initiative (ECI) petition, on the “Right2Water”, could discredit the ECI system, warn Environment Committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Wednesday. It “lacks any real ambition and failed to meet the demands of the organizers”, they add. ECIs enable citizens to ask the Commission to propose laws in areas within its competence, if they can muster at least one million signatures from at least a quarter of EU member states. (Mai mult)


Novel Foods: food safety MEPs back deal with Council

ENVI 25-06-2015 - 14:25

Draft plans to encourage food innovation via a new, simplified authorisation procedure for novel foods, already informally agreed with the Council of Ministers, were endorsed by the Environment Committee on Thursday. In talks, MEPs insisted that foods from cloned animals must be clearly included in the scope of the regulation, as must the precautionary principle, measures to keep nanomaterials under scrutiny and animal testing restrictions. (Mai mult)


Medium combustion plants emissions: informal deal with Council

ENVI 23-06-2015 - 18:59

Draft plans to set sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emission limits for medium-sized combustion plants, such as electricity generators or heating systems for domestic, residential or industrial use, were informally agreed by MEPs and the Latvian Presidency of the Council on Tuesday. EU Member states will have to assess whether to introduce stricter limits in areas where these emissions breach EU air quality standards. (Mai mult)


Ban not just animal cloning, but cloned food, feed and imports too, say MEPs

ENVI AGRI 17-06-2015 - 17:22

A draft law to ban the cloning of all farm animals, their descendants and products derived from them, including imports, in the EU was voted by the Environment and Agriculture committees on Wednesday. MEPs beefed up the European Commission’s initial proposal, citing high mortality rates at all development stages of cloning and EU citizens’ animal welfare and ethical concerns. (Mai mult)


Circular economy: “systemic change” needed to address resource scarcity

ENVI 17-06-2015 - 15:42

Binding waste-reduction targets, revamped ecodesign legislation and measures to break the link between growth and the use of natural resources are the chief demands set out in a resolution passed on Wednesday by environment MEPs,who call on the Commission to table new legislation by the end of 2015. (Mai mult)

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