O comisie poate decide să organizeze misiuni într-un stat membru, într-o țară din afara UE sau la conferințe internaționale. Misiunile sunt organizate în contextul exercitării competențelor conferite comisiei și sunt compuse dintr-un număr limitat de membri ai comisiei. De asemenea, comisiile pot trimite o delegație compusă din trei membri, pentru o perioadă de maximum trei zile, la agențiile care intră în domeniul lor principal de competență. Pe această pagină veți găsi toate informațiile disponibile cu privire la misiunile specifice.

17-12-2018 - Fact Finding Visit to Italy: 17 - 18 December 2018

PETI 11-07-2019 - 17:16
Valley with industrial road in Italy

The Committee on Petitions will conduct a fact-finding mission from 17-18 December 2018 to Valledora, Italy. The purpose of the mission is to investigate concerns about several quarries and landfills located between the municipalities of Alice Castello and Cavaglià (Piedmont Region, Italy). The delegation will meet with local civil and religious authorities, and consult citizens as well as scientific and legal experts before conducting a site inspection in the area concerned. (Mai mult)

19-09-2018 - Fact-finding visit to Spain: 19 - 21 September 2018

PETI 11-07-2019 - 16:33
Wooden pathway in beautiful landscape in Donana Natural Park and nature reserve. Palace of Acebron in Huelva, Andalusia Spain

The Petitions Committee conducted a fact-finding mission to Donana, Spain from 19-21 September 2018. The objective of the mission is to investigate the concerns raised in a series of petitions submitted to the Committee on the environmental situation and possible degradation of the national park in Donana and the surroundings area. (Mai mult)

07-05-2018 - Fact-finding visit to Famagusta, Cyprus: 7-8 May 2018

PETI 07-01-2019 - 17:17
Famagusta.Abandoned hotels and the beach at Varosha in Famagusta .Northern Cyprus.

The Committee on Petitions conducted a fact-finding visit to Famagusta, Cyprus, on 7-8 May 2018. The purpose of the mission, was to reassess the situation in Famagusta, and in particular Varosha, the sealed-off section of the city, in the context of the follow-up to petition 733/2004, 10 years after the Committee’s previous fact-finding visit to the island, which took place on 25-28 November 2007. The petition was submitted by Loizos Afxentiou on behalf of the Famagusta Refugee Movement. (Mai mult)

14-02-2018 - Fact finding visit to Germany: 14-16 February 2018

PETI 20-11-2018 - 09:18
Quarry sand polluted by mining waste materials

A delegation from the Committee on Petitions (PETI) conducted a fact-finding mission to Brandenburg (Germany), specifically to Potsdam and the Lusatia region, on 14-16 February 2018. The purpose of the mission was to examine issues raised in two petitions relating to the local impacts of the coal industry. (Mai mult)

20-09-2017 - Fact-finding visit to Cyprus: 20-22 September 2017

PETI 29-05-2018 - 15:08

The Committee on Petitions conducted a fact-finding mission to Larnaca, Cyprus on 20-22 September 2017. The purpose of the mission was to provide a follow-up to a series of petitions by local residents concerning environmental and health concerns due to the creation of an industrial port in Larnaca and consequences of its operation to the broader area. (Mai mult)

17-07-2017 - Fact-finding visit to Italy: 17 - 19 July 2017

PETI 29-05-2018 - 14:58
Tamburi neighborhood of Taranto showing pollution from the plant

The Committee on Petitions conducted a fact-finding mission to Taranto, Italy, on 17-19 July 2017. The delegation visited the ILVA plant (Europe's largest integrated-cycle steelworks), the ENI oil refinery, and the site of the planned extension of the oil jetty. The purpose of the mission was to provide a follow-up to a series of petitions concerning heavy pollution of the air, soil, surface and ground waters both at the ILVA site and in the nearby Tamburi quarter. (Mai mult)

22-05-2017 - Fact-finding visit to Spain: 22 - 23 May 2017

PETI 18-06-2018 - 10:33
Abandoned stroller in desolate are symbolizes child neglect

A Petitions Committee delegation was in Madrid from 22 to 23 May, to investigate several petitions on babies allegedly stolen at birth by hospital personnel in the country. MEPs met national authorities and petitioners, to see what could be done to get closer to the truth behind the disappearances. (Mai mult)

20-02-2017 - Fact-finding visit to Sweden: 20 - 21 February 2017

PETI 18-06-2018 - 11:03
Gamla Stan, the old part of Stockholm, Sweden

The Committee on Petitions sent a delegation on a fact-finding visit to Stockholm after receiving several petitions on the difficulties faced by EU citizens wishing to live in Sweden for more than a few weeks to get a personal identification number. The delegation met representatives of the different ministerial services involved in the decisions contested by the petitioners. (Mai mult)

22-09-2016 - Fact-finding visit to Slovakia: 22 – 23 September 2016

PETI 18-06-2018 - 11:36

The Committee on Petitions constantly receives petitions detailing cases of violation of the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities. One such example is Petition 1459/2012, tabled by Judith Klein, Director of the Mental Health Initiative, Open Society Foundations, concerning the investment of EU funds in residential centres for the disabled in certain Member States of Central and Eastern Europe. (Mai mult)

08-02-2016 - Fact-finding visit to Spain: 8-10 February 2016

PETI 18-06-2018 - 15:04

On 8-10 February 2016 the Committee on Petitions will visit Spain on a fact-finding visit. The visit is organised following the reception of several petitions from EU citizens related to the possible infringement of the EU Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC) by the River Basin Management Plans of the Ebro and Tajo rivers. (Mai mult)