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Joint PH FEMM/EMPL - Work-life Balance and Gender Equality (19 March, 15.00 – 17.00)

Together with the EMPL committee, the FEMM committee held a public hearing on "Work-life balance and gender equality" on 19 March. After opening speeches by Ms Regina Bastos and Ms Antigoni Papadopoulou, experts presented their views in two discussion panels of which one addressed work-life balance as a factor of gender equality (Ms Claudia Menne, Confederal Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation, Dr Konstantina Davaki, Research Fellow at LSE and Agnès Parent-Thirion, Senior Programme Manager at Eurofound) whilst a second one discussed the reconciliation of working and non-working life (Prof Dr Isabell Welpe, Chair for Strategy and Organisation of the Technische Universität München and Ms Ana Rubin, Member of the Board of the Swedish Left).
The experts argued that work-life balance should be understood as dynamic and susceptible to change over the life course of women (Dr Konstantina Davaki). An important intervention was the "holistic approach" advocated by the experts (Dr Konstantina Davaki, Ms Agnès Parent-Thirion), as it captures the diversity of women's situation from a political, cultural and economic perspective even though some experts (Ms Agnès Parent-Thirion) regretted that there are very few examples that reflect such an approach. Flexicurity, as explained by the experts (Prof Dr Isabell Welpe) might be one of these approaches, enabling workers to have both flexibility and security. This opinion was shared by other experts ( Ms Claudia Menne), in particular regarding maternal leave where women must be given more flexible work arrangements in order to combine paid work with care work. Another option discussed (Ms Ana Rubin) was a 6-hour working day - considered to be a better alternative to part-time work.
After each panel, Members and other participants from civil society were given opportunity to ask questions, followed by a debate.

FEMM delegation in Rome 26-28 March 2014

A delegation of 5 FEMM Members has been in Rome from 26th to 28th March. In the framework of the upcoming Italian presidency, the delegation has met with members of the corresponding committees of the Italian Chamber and the Italian Senate as well as with the Undersecretary of State for European affairs and the Minister of Labour in order to discuss gender and women's' rights issues. The delegation has also met with various representatives of the civil society and the Italian Institute for Statistics.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) - State of World population - 20 March

Ms Sietske Steneker, Director of Brussels UNFPA office presented to members findings of the 2013 UNFPA report entitled "Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of adolescent pregnancy". The UNFPA 2013 report explores the challenges of adolescent pregnancy in developing countries and provides recommendations on what can be done to ensure that girls have a healthy and safe transition into adulthood.

Private sector and development: Women economic empowerment - 20 March

ITC and UN Women are deepening their partnership on women's economic principles, which both agencies see as a destiny-changing tool to empower women who are disadvantaged because of violence, tribal conflict, disenfranchisement and other adverse circumstances.There are many practical ways of working with women that ITC's 50 years of existence have proven to work in the best interest of women. The presentation by Ms Arancha GONZÁLEZ, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre (ITC), highlighted what has worked, future issues and new thinking, as well as the role of parliamentarians. Ms Gonzalez underlined the common interest that both Institutions have in working together and the willingness to cooperate further.

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Odbor, pristojen za:
1.    opredeljevanje, uresničevanje in zaščito pravic žensk v Uniji in podobne ukrepe Skupnosti;
2.    uresničevanje pravic žensk v tretjih državah;
3.    politiko enakih možnosti, vključno z enakostjo moških in žensk glede priložnosti na trgu dela in obravnave pri delu;
4.    odpravo vseh oblik diskriminacije glede na spol;
5.    uveljavljanje in nadaljnji razvoj načela enakih možnosti za moške in ženske ("mainstreaming") na vseh političnih področjih;
6.    nadaljnjo obravnavo in izvajanje mednarodnih sporazumov in konvencij o pravicah žensk;
7.    informacijsko politiko o ženskah.
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As chair of the FEMM Committee I wish to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to this official website. Women’s rights and gender equality are the core issues of our Committee and we hope that our improved web presence can give the EU citizens and everyone who is interested in our mission, a better picture of our work and bring us closer to each other.
We will use this channel to further promote the Committee’s mandate and achievements through information and transparency to our audience. Despite many successes in empowering women, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life (social, cultural, political and economical) where women are not equally treated. Our general concerns are voiced over the pay gap, female poverty, women's underrepresentation in decision making, trafficking and violence against women and children. We want to change this and we need the help of civil society and all organizations who contribute to the fight for equal rights.
This site is a vast source of information on what we do and we hope that you find it user-friendly. We are at your disposal for your input about the site and also the content of our work. We invite you to periodically visit this website where you will find updates and the latest news from our Committee.
Mikael Gustafsson