Ko je osnutek poročila predložen odboru, imajo člani odbora priložnost, da do določenega roka predlagajo spremembe. O teh predlogih sprememb se potem razpravlja in glasuje v odboru. Ko je osnutek poročila spremenjen in dan na glasovanje, postane poročilo, ki se predloži na plenarnem zasedanju. Na tej strani so prikazane končne različice poročil, ki so jih pripravili odbori.
Za iskanje med vsemi poročili, ki so na voljo, uporabite funkcijo „Splošno iskanje“.

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Welcome words

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Petitions Committee where you will find information about the work which this committee does on behalf of the citizens and residents of the European Union.
Based upon the petitions it receives, the Committee does its best to respond to the concerns of citizens and residents about matters which fall within the fields of activity of the Union. The sorts of issues we investigate are related to the many environmental issues for which the EU has responsibility with the member states, on issues related to fundamental rights as contained in the EU Charter, on freedom of movement and other aspects of the internal market, transport, agriculture and so on.
You will find many examples of these issues on this web-site and also on the new web-portal, for which you will find a link on this page, and through which you are able to register and submit new petitions to the Parliament as well as accessing the summaries of the petitions we have received. For those which are indicated as being 'open' and have been declared 'admissible' you may even add your support.
Many petitioners actually participate in the discussions in Committee when their petitions are selected for debate; links to such discussions are also to be found on this page through video links to our meetings. I trust that you will take an interest in our work on your behalf, which we do in close cooperation with all the other parliamentary committees, with national parliaments and with all the member states and the European Commission.