Ett utskott kan besluta om att organisera tjänsteresor till en medlemsstat, till ett land utanför EU eller till internationella konferenser. Tjänsteresorna sker inom ramen för utövandet av utskottets befogenheter, och ett begränsat antal ledamöter från utskottet deltar. Utskotten får även, för en period på högst tre dagar, sända en delegation bestående av tre ledamöter till de byråer och organ som utskottet är huvudansvarigt för. All information om specifika tjänsteresor hittar du på denna sida.

30-10-2017 - JURI Mission to Silicon Valley, USA

JURI 01-02-2018 - 17:40

The JURI Committee sent an ad hoc delegation to Silicon Valley, USA, from 30 October to 2 November 2017. The visit was related mainly to the work in JURI in the fields of intellectual property rights, in particular on copyright, patent and enforcement. The aim of this visit was to meet and engage in discussions with US stakeholders, both major companies and start-ups, with a focus on the cultural and creative industries, tech companies as well as academia and civil society actors. (Läs mer)

22-05-2017 - JURI Mission to Reykjavik, Iceland

JURI 06-12-2017 - 12:04

The mission of the Committee on Legal Affairs to Reykjavik took place on 22-24 May 2017. It was mainly focused on civil justice and more particularly on the measures taken after the collapse of the banking system in 2008 and the subsequent changes in the judicial system. The mission also comprised specific meetings including one on better law-making. (Läs mer)

19-09-2016 - JURI Mission to Athens and Halkida, Greece

JURI 05-12-2017 - 18:52

On 19-21 September 2016, a delegation of the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) travelled to Athens and Halkida, Greece. The mission of the Committee on Legal Affairs to Greece follows on from a previous mission which took place in 2014, and was focused on three issues, namely the situation of the Greek justice system in the context of economic crisis, the effects of the new Code of Civil Procedure, and the ongoing establishment of a modern land registry system. (Läs mer)

17-05-2016 - JURI Mission to Beijing, China

JURI 05-12-2017 - 19:01

On 17-19 May 2016, a delegation of the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) travelled to Beijing, China. This mission focused particularly on IPR issues and had the purpose of meeting the relevant stakeholders based in Beijing. (Läs mer)

29-03-2016 - JURI Mission to Tbilissi, Georgia

JURI 05-12-2017 - 19:08

On 29 March - 1 April 2016, a delegation of the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) travelled to Tbilisi, Georgia. The purpose was to visit the headquarters of European Union's Monitoring Mission (EUMM), the Public Defender’s Office and the Supreme Court of Georgia. (Läs mer)

08-02-2016 - JURI Mission to The Hague

JURI 05-12-2017 - 19:19

On 8 and 9 February 2016, three Members of the JURI Committee travelled to Utrecht and The Hague. The purpose was to visit international law institutions in The Hague, including the Hague Conference on Private International Law, the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The mission also met representatives of the European Equality Law Network and Eurojust, as well as the Academie voor wetgeving and the Minster for Security and Justice, Ard van der Steur. (Läs mer)

03-11-2015 - JURI Mission to Washington, USA

JURI 05-12-2017 - 18:45

A delegation of the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) visited Washington, DC, United States, on 3-6 November 2015, with the purpose of discussing primarily questions relating to civil justice, Private International Law and Intellectual Property Rights with public bodies and civil society. (Läs mer)

24-09-2015 - INTA/JURI mission to Kiev, Ukraine

INTA JURI 06-04-2016 - 17:19

The mission to Kiev of 24 - 25 September 2015 was a very timely, intense, constructive and detail-oriented fact-finding mission achieving its aim: gathering on-the-ground information on the EU/Ukraine trade issues: preparation for the implementation of the DCFTA (as of 1/1/2016), impact of the EU Autonomous Trade Preferences on Ukrainian exports, use of the funds granted by the EU through the macro-financial assistance as well as recent trade irritants between the two partners. (Läs mer)

23-09-2015 - JURI Mission to OHIM/Alicante

JURI 05-12-2017 - 17:22

On 23-24.9.2015, three Members of the JURI Committee, Tadeusz Zwiefka, Therèse Comodini Cachia and Mary Honeyball travelled to Alicante to visit the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM). The purpose of the visit was to review the state of play of the works of the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, entrusted to OHIM in June 2012 and to discuss the challenges that OHIM will face due the upcoming entry into force of the new Trademarks Package. (Läs mer)

21-09-2015 - JURI Mission to OECD/Paris

JURI 05-12-2017 - 17:06

A delegation of the JURI Committee visited the headquarters of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris on 21 September 2015. The Delegation discussed the following topics: (Läs mer)