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The appointment procedure


 Article 21 of the Accession Treaty stipulates that a national of Croatia shall be appointed to the Commission as of the date of accession until 31.10.14. The new Member of the Commission shall be appointed by the Council, acting by qualified majority and by common accord with the President of the Commission, after consulting the European Parliament. Rule 106 and Annex XVII of Parliament's Rules of Procedure provide that, when a new Commissioner is designated in view of his/her country acceding to the European Union, the European Parliament shall invite the Commissioner-designate to participate in a hearing.

This hearing allows parliamentary committees to have a profound exchange with the Commissioner-designate on his priorities in the policy area he would be responsible for, and to get to know him personally. The evaluation of the Commissioner-designate is based on his general competence, his European commitment and his personal independence. The knowledge of his prospective portfolio and his communication skills are also under scrutiny.

Before the hearing takes place, the Commissioner-designate communicates to the Parliament his curriculum vitae and his declaration of interests, and replies to written questions submitted by the Parliament.

After the hearing, committees proceed with an evaluation which is conveyed to the Conference of Committee Chairs and, subsequently, to the Conference of Presidents, which, after deliberation, shall declare the hearing closed.

It is then up to Parliament to express its position on the appointment of the Commissioner.

Key dates:

  • 04.06.13 – hearing of Commissioner-designate Mimica
  • 05.06.13 – evaluation of the Conference of Committee Chairs
  • 06.06.13 – evaluation of the Conference of Presidents
  • 12.06.13 – plenary vote
  • 01.07.13 – accession of the Republic of Croatia to the EU