Work programme 2011

It is suggested to pursue the following objectives during the year 2011.

Ordinary meetings

Exchanges of views with all institutional interlocutors who support a settlement on the island or are involved in it:

European Commission

  • Vice-President/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
  • Enlargement Commissioner and other Commissioners in charge of sectorial policies
  • Task Force for the Turkish Cypriot Community
  • Cyprus Steering Group
  • Commission President's personal Representative to the Good Offices Mission of the United Nations in Cyprus: Mr Leopold Maurer

Council Presidencies

  • Minister for Foreign and/or European Affairs

Council of Europe

  • Cypriot delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly including the Turkish-Cypriot observers
  • rapporteur of the Political Affairs Committee of the Assembly: Mr. Hörster, ...
  • Contacts with representatives of the Turkish Cypriot Community
  • Invitations to various think-tanks dealing with the Cyprus problem.

Delegations to Cyprus

  • meetings with the Turkish-Cypriot leadership and the different political parties;
  • visit to different locations in the northern part of the island to assess the economic and social situation;
  • briefings by the European Union Programme Support Office in the northern part of the island;
  • take part in meetings under the auspices of the ambassador of Slovakia in Nicosia between the political parties of the two communities;
  • meetings with the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP);
  • meetings with actors of all sectors of the civil society in the Turkish-Cypriot community, in particular when engaged in bi-communal projects;
  • appropriate contacts with representatives of EU Member states, the Commission and the United Nations.