New CYTR Contact Group's 2011 annual report (pdf)

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At its meeting of 29 September 2005 the Conference of Presidents adopted the mandate of the High-Level Contact Group for Relations with the Turkish Cypriot Community in the Northern Part of the Island of Cyprus (hereinafter 'the Group') [1] . 

The Group was set up to respond to the pressing need to strengthen relations with the Turkish Cypriot community in the northern part of the island after accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union and to contribute in a manner which is constructive and respectful of all sensibilities to defining a modus operandi for Parliament vis-à-vis the Turkish Cypriot community, until such time as the question of reunification of Cyprus has been resolved. It will therefore update the Conference of Presidents and, where appropriate, the parliamentary committees, on how the situation develops.

[1] The name of the Group (and, hence, the wording of the mandate) was amended by a decision of the Conference of Presidents of 18 May 2006.