Entschließungen des EP

Annual Resolutions on Commission Reports on Albania

In recent years, the European Parliament has passed a resolution each year scrutinising Albania's accession to the European Union and commenting on the Commission's enlargement reports.

In the last few years, Parliament has commended the progress achieved in:
  • meeting the political criteria for membership,
  • adoption of the comprehensive judicial reform,
  • continuous implementation of public administration reform,
  • adoption of key anti-corruption legislation,
  • full alignment with relevant EU declarations and Council conclusions,
  • cooperation with CSOs.

Parliament has also expressed its concerns about:
  • Electoral Reform, need to address all OSCE/ODIHR recommendations,
  • corruption, which continues to pose a serious problem,
  • need to eradicate drug cultivation, production and trafficking,
  • protection of human and minority rights, anti-discrimination policies,
  • freedom of media,
  • enforcement of environmental law,
  • number of asylum applications by Albanians in the EU.