Ordinary meetings

The next meeting of the delegation for relations with Iran

The next meeting will take place in Strasbourg on Wednesday 12 December from 15.00-16.00 in room LOW N3.4. Dr. Majid Golpour, Chercheur Associé ULB-CECID, CIER will speak on the "Consequences of US sanctions on Iran". Interpretation will be in FR EN DE and IT

Next meeting of the delegation for Relations with Iran

This meeting will take place in Brussels on Thursday 22 November 14.30-15.30 in room PHS 6B54. In light of the Human Rights week taking place in the European Parliament this week, the delegation has invited Mr Karim LAHIDJI, President of the League for Human Rights in Iran, and Ms Julia BOURBON FERNANDEZ from Ensemble Contre la Peine de Mort, to address the delegation.

next meeting of the Delegation for relations with Iran

The next meeting of the delegation will take place in Strasbourg on WEDNESDAY 24 October from 15.00 -16.00 in room SDM S1. An exchange of views with Mr Denis Chaibi, Head of the Iran Task Force in the External Action Service, on the "EU mechanism to respond to the sanctions imposed by the USA". (via video conference) The meeting will be held "in camera"

Meeting of 7th February in Strasbourg

The delegation had an "in camera" meeting with H.E Ambassador Christo Polendakov ( EU Presidency -Bulgaria), via teleconference, discussing the latest situation in Iran.

Meeting of 24 January 2018 in Brussels

The delegation met with the three-MPs from the Iranian Majlis, who attended the morning AFET seminar. This meeting with the Chair, Mr Lewandowski and the other Members, allowed the Majlis MPs to complete their programme in the EP with a direct discussion and was an important follow-up of the November 2017 IPM held in Tehran.

Meeting of 17 January 2018 in Strasbourg

The meeting was well attended and invited guest Mr Bernard Hourcade, Director of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS France-Directeur de recherche émérite ) specialist on Iran made several poignant remarks. The recording can be watched on the link below

Meeting of 13 December 2017 in Strasbourg

This meeting took place in Strasbourg in room LOW S4.2 on Wednesday 13 December.The meeting was held " in camera ".

Meeting of the 25 October 2017, Strasbourg

The main focus of the meeting was an exchange of views with His Excellency, Mr Peiman Seadat, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Chair also informed the Delegation that he had issued a statement on President Trump's approach to the nuclear agreement with Iran, making clear the position of the E.P.

Meeting of 13 September 2017, Strasbourg

The main focus of the meeting was an exchange of views with Christian Ehler (EPP, Germany), Chair of the EP Delegation for Relations with the United States on the EU/USA policies with Iran. Differences and similarities between the US' and EU's approaches to Iran and to the multilateral nuclear deal, the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) were discussed.

Meeting of 14 June 2017, Strasbourg

The agenda included an exchange of views on the outcome of the Presidential election in Iran, with:
  • H.E. Mr Peiman Seadat, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Meeting of 17 May 2017, Strasbourg

The meeting included an exchange of views on the forthcoming Presidential elections in Iran with:
  • Mr Rouzbeh Parsi, Director of The European Iran Research Group (video-conference from Copenhagen)
  • Mr Cornelius Adebahr, Non-Resident Fellow of Carnegie Europe and
  • Mr Jarret Blanc, Senior Fellow with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (video-conference from Carnegie Europe, Brussels).

Meeting of 25 April 2017, Brussels

The Chair announced that Iranian embassy has said that the Majlis is not in a position to host the requested inter-parliamentary meeting next month due to presidential elections on May 19th. The Chair also announced plans for a joint meeting with the EP Delegation for the Mashreq countries to discuss the implications of the Iranian policy in the region.

An exchange of views on the future of Euronews Persian TV Service, with:
  • Michael Mann, EEAS Head of Division "Strategic Communication"
  • David Cipel, Chief Financial Officer Euronews
  • Ms Fariba Mavaddat, journalist.

Meeting of 15 March 2017, Strasbourg

Co-Chair Lewandowski announced that the Iranian Majlis is considering hosting an IPM in week 21 (22-24 May). The mission is not confirmed.

Moreover, on 25 April 2017 the Delegation for Relations with Iran plans to hold a workshop entirely devoted to the case of Euronews Persian Service, a topic that has already been a matter of priority for the Delegation and at the centre of different initiatives.

An exchange of views was held on the situation of refugees in Iran with the participation of:
  • H.E. Mr Peiman Seadat, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
  • Mr Sivanka Dhanapala, UNHCR Iran Representative (Skype from Tehran) and
  • Ms Androulla Kaminara, Director European Commission ECHO C, Africa, Asia, Latin American, Caribbean and Pacific (videoconference from Geneva).

Meeting of 15 February 2017, Strasbourg

The Chair's announcements covered:
  • the new USA sanctions against Iran
  • a working lunch held with Ambassador Seadat on 11 January 2017
  • a workshop co-hosted with DROI on 24 January 2017 on "Human rights in Iran after the nuclear deal - business as usual or time for change?"
An exchange of views was held on the draft programme of activities of the Delegation for 2017. The Delegation agreed to meet every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. during the Strasbourg sessions in 2017.

The Delegation summed up the activities that occurred in 2015 and 2016: a high number of meetings -- once every month -- plus additional joint-initiatives with other bodies.

The Chair presented a list of topics for meetings in 2017.

Meeting of 14 December 2016, Strasbourg

The Chair announced:
  • that although the Delegation had agreed to visit Iran for a very short visit on 10-11th December 2016, the visit had to be cancelled due to the limited time of the programme and to commitments at the beginning of the December plenary session.
  • that Mr Lewandowski plans to meet the Iranian Ambassador in January to discuss a new mutually convenient date for the postponed IPM.
  • that a workshopon on "Human rights in Iran after the nuclear deal - business as usual or time for change?", organised jointly with the Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI), would take place on 24 January 2017.
An exchange of views was held on the situation of minorities in Iran with UNPO (Unrepresentative People Organisation) representatives of four minorities of Iran:
  • Mona Silavi (Democratic solidarity Party of Al-Ahwaz - Arab minority),
  • Nasser Boladai (Baluchistan Peoples Party),
  • Aso Saleh (Iranian Kurdistan), and
  • Monira Fazelian (South Azerbaijan Student Movement).