Ordinary meetings

Meeting of 15 November 2018, Strasbourg

Exchange of views on "Detention of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons" was held with former detainee
  • Nadim Zahra
  • Radi Darwish, Addameer lawye

Meeting on 15 November 2018

An exchange of views will be held on Detention of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons
in the presence of

  • Nadim Zahra
    Palestinian teenager formerly detained in an Israeli prison
    accompanied by
  • Lawyer Radi Darwish from NGO Addameer

Meeting of 25 October 2018

A debriefing was held on the Mission to Palestine 18-20 September 2018.

Meeting of 19 September 2018

The meeting was held in camera.

The agenda and minutes will not be published.

Meeting of 4 July 2018

Exchange of views on the situation of Palestine refugees in Jordan and the impact of UNRWA's financial crisis on the refugee community with
  • Roger Davies, Director of UNRWA operations, Jordan
  • Nidal Ahmad, UNRWA Chief of Zarqa Area and a Palestine refugee
    (via videoconference)

Meeting of 21 June 2018

Exchange of views was held on Differentiation: a legal tool to challenge Israel's annexation of Palestinian territory?
  • Hugh LOVATT
    Policy Fellow and Israel/Palestine Project Coordinator, European Council on Foreign Relations

Meeting of 31 May 2018

An exchange of views was held on The Situation in Gaza and the Need to Protect Palestinians

  • Mr Raji Sourani (Visioconference)
    Director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Gaza
  • Mr Adel Atieh
    Deputy Head of Mission to the EU
  • Mr Colin Scicluna (VisioConference)
    Director Middle East North Africa Gulf, EEAS

Meeting of 19 April 2018

An exchange of views was held on The situation in the Gaza Strip, in the presence of

  • Mahmoud AbuRahma, Communications & International Relations Director at Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights (via videoconferencing)
  • Razan Namari, Human Rights and Advocacy Officers, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) (via videoconferencing)

Meeting of 19 March 2018

An exchange of views was held on the Humanitarian Situation in Gaza and Outcome of the 15 March Ministerial Conference in Rome "Preserving Dignity and Sharing Responsibility - Mobilizing Collective Action for UNRWA" co-chaired by Jordan, Sweden and Egypt, and the financing of UNRWA.

in the presence of
  • Matthias Schmale, Director of Operations, UNRWA, Gaza (via Video Conference)
  • Matthias Burchard, Director, UNRWA Representative Office to the European Union

Meeting of 26 April 2018

An exchange of views was held on the human rights situation in the Gaza Strip.

  • Elena Mancusi Materi, Senior Liaison Officer at the UNRWA Representative Office to the European Union
  • Prof John Dugard, Former Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Leiden, Netherlands
  • Dr Aimee Shalan, Medical Aid for Palestinians, London
  • Col Desmond Travers, Member of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict and was co-author of the Goldstone Report. Travers is a retired Colonel of the Irish Army. He served in various UN and EU peace missions in the Balkans and in the Middle East. He is currently Vice-President of the Institute for International Criminal Investigations. IICI is offers training for criminal justice and human rights professionals for the investigation of atrocity crimes.
  • Mahmoud AbuRahma, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, Gaza Strip

Meeting of 22 January 2018

An exchange of views was held on Settlements and House demolitions in East Jerusalem with Ir Amin represented by:

  • Yuddith Oppenheimer, Execute director
  • Betty Herschman, Director of International Relations & Advocacy

Meeting of 8 January 2018, Brussels

The meeting was a follow-up on the meeting held in Strasbourg 14 December 2017.

The meeting was in camera

Meeting of 14 December 2017, Strasbourg

An exchange of views was held on EU response to the US unilateral announcement on Jerusalem.

The meeting was in camera

Meeting of 27 November 2017, Bruxelles

Fifty Years of Occupation and Counting:
Is it time for a new EU Policy on the
Middle East Peace Process?

Monday 27 November 2017, 15.30-19.00
Brussels - Room PHS 5B001

Meeting of 20 November 2017, Bruxelles

An exchange of views was held on "The situation of children affected by the Syrian crisis in the Mashreq" and "Palestinian children in detention", with:
  • Michael Miller, Head of Middle East Unit, DG NEAR, European Commission
  • Mark Chapple, Head of "No Lost Generation", World Vision Syria Response
  • Mahmoud Hassan, Legal Unit Manager, ADDAMEER

Meeting of 6 July 2017, Strasbourg

An exchange of views was held on the situation of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails after the hunger-strike with relatives of the hunger-striking prisoners, with:
  • Dr Fadwa Barghouthi, wife of Marwan Barghouthi, and
  • Sumoud Sa'adat, daughter of Ahmad Sa'adat, and
  • Dr Sahar Francis, General Director of the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.

Meeting of 15 June 2017, Strasbourg

An exchange of views was held on ten years of blockade on Gaza with:
  • Bo Shack, Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza.

Meeting of 24 April 2017, Brussels

The meeting held on 24 April, included an exchange of views with Members on the hunger-strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

An exchange of views was held on Palestinian resilience with
  • Estephan Salameh, Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority
  • Roberto Valent, Special Representative of the Administrator for the UNDP's Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP).

Meeting of 23 March 2017, Brussels

The Delegation for relations with Palestine met in Brussels on 23 March 2017.

An exchange of views was held on the impact of 50 years of occupation and 10 years of the Gaza blockade on Palestinian rights, with
  • Naama Baumgarten-Sharon (Civil Society Officer in the OPT and Israel for Oxfam)
  • Birte Brodkorb (Director of International Relations and Advocacy at the Yesh Din Volunteers for Human Rights)
  • Noam Rabinovich (Director of International Relations at the Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement).

Meeting of 15 February 2017, Strasbourg

The meeting was held in camera.

The agenda and minutes will not be published.

Meeting of 30 January 2017, Brussels

The meeting opened at 16.00 on 30 January 2017, with Chair Martina Anderson, presiding at the beginning, and newly-elected Chair Neoklis Sylikiotis presiding for the final part of the meeting.

Neoklis Sylikiotis was nominated as candidate for the Chair and elected by acclamation.

This election was followed by an "in camera" discussion on EU Policy on Palestine.