The Conference of Delegation Chairs


The Conference of Delegation Chairs is the political body in Parliament that periodically considers all matters concerning the smooth running of interparliamentary delegations and delegations to the joint parliamentary committees.

Conference of Delegation Chairs: membership

The Conference of Delegation Chairs consists of the chairs of all the standing interparliamentary delegations; it elects its chairman

Conference of Delegation Chairs: duties

The Conference of Delegation Chairs may make recommendations to the Conference of Presidents on the delegations’ work.
The Conference of Delegation Chairs draws up a draft annual calendar of interparliamentary meetings and meetings of joint parliamentary committees.
The Bureau and Conference of Presidents may delegate certain tasks to the Conference of Delegation Chairs.

Further information
Principles governing delegation activities

Delegations shall maintain and develop Parliament’s international contacts. Accordingly, delegation activities shall, on the one hand, be aimed at maintaining and enhancing contacts with parliaments of States that are traditionally partners of the European Union and, on
the other hand, contribute to promoting in third countries the values on which the European Union is founded, namely the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law (Articles 6 and 11(1), fifth indent, of the EU Treaty).
Parliament's international contacts shall be governed by the principles of public international law.
Parliament’s international contacts shall be aimed at fostering, wherever possible and appropriate, the parliamentary dimension of international relations.
(Article 3, principles governing delegation activities adopted by the Conference of Presidents on 21 September 2006)