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Joint statement of 15 March 2016 on implementation of reforms in Moldova

Joint statement by
  • Elmar BROK, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs,
  • Andi CRISTEA, Chair of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee:

We are glad that M. Filip responded positively to our invitation to present how his government intends to tackle the pressing issues that the country and its citizens are currently facing. It sends an important and positive signal as to the openness, commitment and determination of the current government to discuss the current situation in Moldova with EU partners and to advance on the much needed reform agenda.

During our discussions, we underlined the unique responsibility that the current government bears to successfully address the lack of trust of the population towards the institutions of the country and the consequences that may arise from a lack of swift and effective executive action in the coming weeks. All pro-European parties should try to cooperate again.[...]

Statement of 29 October 2015 on government’s dismissal in the Republic of Moldova

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova dismissed the government headed by Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet following a no-confidence vote supported by a majority of Members.

Andi Cristea, Chairman of the Delegation to the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, stated:

"I express my deep concern regarding the lack of predictability and stability of the political process and very much regret the fragility of the current political situation in the country. It is paramount that at this moment of crisis, all political forces are guided by an act of responsibility and engage in a spirit of consensus, uniting behind citizens' interests and the country's compelling needs. I hope that an inclusive and constructive dialogue will now be conducted, leading to the formation of a new government without delay. [...]"

Statement of 26 March 2015 on the Delegation to the EU- Moldova PAC's first session

The Delegation of the European Parliament to the EU- Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee (PAC) convened today for its first working session under the new Association Agreement format.

Andi Cristea, Chairman of the Delegation to the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, stated:

"This is the first time we meet after the new executive took office bringing to an end the electoral process after a number of weeks of intense negotiations. I am glad political forces were able to overcome their differences and to unite behind the interests of Moldova putting citizens first."

"The people of Moldova gave a clear signal at the ballots on November 30. Citizens expect bold measures from the incoming executive to implement far-reaching policies and to address pressing concerns. Resolute action in favour of necessary reforms and in a spirit of national consensus will be key to delivering tangible outcomes