Delegation for relations with the United States : Calendar

Next meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg 

No confirmed meetings 

US Delegation draft calendar of meetings for 2018 

Members of the delegation hold about 10 meetings per year, either in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Draft calendar of D-US meetings for 2018*:

- Forthcoming meetings:
  • 21 November, Brussels (joint AFET/D-US meeting)
  • 13 December, Strasbourg (D-US meeting)

* Please note that these dates may be subject to change and further meetings may be added.

- Past meetings:

  • 25 January, Brussels (AFET/SEDE meeting in association with D-US)
  • 20 February, Brussels (D-US meeting with Commissioner King)
  • 15 March, Strasbourg (D-US meeting on the Western Balkans and on Trade)
  • 25 April, Brussels (D-US meeting with Mark N. Strand, President of the Congressional Institute, Washington DC)
  • 30 May, Strasbourg (D-US/D-IR joint meeting ''in camera'')
  • 27 June, Brussels (preparatory meeting for the 82nd IPM/TLD in Sofia, 29-30 June, ''in camera'' and public session with the Pew Research Centre)
  • 10 July, Brussels (D-US meeting with Commissioner Avramopoulos)
  • 13 September, Strasbourg (D-US meeting ''in camera'')
  • 16 October in Brussels (D-US meeting with Bruce Stokes, PEW Research Centre)
  • 25 October, Strasbourg (D-US meeting with LIBE Chair Claude Moraes and Luisa Ragher, EEAS)
  • 14 November, Strasbourg (D-US meeting)