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Calendar of meetings


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Presentation and competencies

This Delegation's remit covers relations with the four countries of the Andean Community: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

In Brussels and Strasbourg, the Delegation holds regular meetings in order to discuss major political, social or economic events in the countries concerned, or relevant bilateral issues. During visits of high level personalities (Presidents of Republic, Ministers etc), the Delegation also holds joint meetings with competent parliamentary Committees, such as AFET or INTA. Delegation Members have closely followed and actively participated in negotiations concerning major bilateral issues, like Multiparty Trade agreements with Peru and Colombia, visa waiver agreement with Colombia and Peru, as well as the extension of GDP+ for Ecuador and its accession to the Multiparty Trade agreement.

Whenever the EU is invited by the Governments, Delegation Members also participate in the EU election observation missions to the Andean countries, like it was recently the case of the general elections in Peru.

Every year, the Members of the Delegation participate in one visit to the region and receive visits from members of the national parliaments from the Andean Community countries and of the Andean Parliament (Parlandino). The Members of the Delegation are also Members of the EuroLat Parliamentary Assembly and meet their Andean counterparts also on the occasion of the Assembly's activities.

You can contact the Secretariat of the Delegation for Relations with the Countries of the Andean Community by email at the following address:

or by tel.:

Mr. Javier Fernandez Fernandez: +32 2 284.23.81
Mr Francisco Cabral: +32 2 284.27.58

Fax.: +32 2 28 31273 (Brussels)