New Years dinner with the Ambassadors of Central Asia and Mongolia 9 January 

EP Chair, Iveta Grigule-Pēterse, hosts a New Years dinner for the Ambassadors of Central Asian Countries and Mongolia  
Ambassadors dinner © EP AWood 2019 
The Chair of the delegation for Central Asia, Ms Iveta Grifgule-Pēterse, (ALDE, LV), hosted this traditional event, gathering together Ambassadors from the six Central Asian countries and MEPs. Besides being a networking opportunity, the event is an excellent occasion to evaluate the status of overall EU/Central Asia relationship and the role of the European Parliament. All participants underlined the progress achieved in the current parliamentary mandate in terms of strengthening the relation between the EU and Central Asia and emphasised the new dynamic of Central Asia, with a much stronger regional cooperation than in the past - so that the strategic EU choice of insisting on regional integration is eventually winning. Afghanistan is perceived as a country that needs to be further included in this positive regional picture. Given the high number of meetings (treaty based PCC held every year for four of the six countries, with Mongolia now adding as PCC and Turkmenistan very vocal in getting into the picture, as emphasised by the new Turkmen Ambassador), all participants, including MEPs, paid tribute to the regular and intensive role played by the European Parliament in shaping to upgrade relations with the region.