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D-IN: Delegation for relations with India

Delegation Chair and Vice Chairs for India Delegation Chair and Vice Chairs for India
Delegation Chair and Vice Chairs for India. © EP European Union
The Delegation for relations with India is one of the oldest of the European Parliament's delegations for relations with non-EU countries.

The first meeting between the Parliament and the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament, took place in 1981.


Today, the Delegation holds regular meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg to examine the economic, political and social situation in India.

Negotiations on the EU-India free trade agreement are of substantial interest, as are areas for bilateral cooperation, such as environmental and energy-related policy and technology, and human rights.

Officials from the European Commission and European External Action Service who work on India, as well as outside experts, are regularly invited to attend Delegation meetings to inform Members of current developments.
Chair and members

The Delegation for relations with India is currently chaired by Geoffrey Van Orden, a British member of the Parliament's European Conservatives and Reformists Group. He is supported by two vice-chairs: Neena Gill and Caroline Nagtegaal.

The delegation counts 24 full members, supported by a large cohort of substitute members. All are nominated by the European Parliament's political groups, with the political makeup of the delegation mirroring that of Parliament as a whole.

Bilateral Relations

Relations between the EU and India remain at a level below what might be expected given the size and geopolitical roles of both parties.

This may in part be due to the challenges of domestic politics and to strong relationships between India and some EU countries.

Neither the European Union nor the European Parliament's role are as well-known or understood as they could be in India. In addition, the Lok Sabha role in external affairs is different from that of the European Parliament

The Delegation strives to raise awareness and broaden opportunities for communication to contribute to achieving the potential offered by the bilateral relationship.