the next meeting of the D-IR

will be held in Strasbourg on Wednesday 4 October in LOW S4.2.

The 6th EU-Iran Interparliamentary Meeting (IPM) will take place in Teheran, Iran from 25-28 November 2017.

Mode d'affichage des délégations
Janusz LEWANDOWSKI Président Groupe du Parti populaire européen (Démocrates-Chrétiens) Pologne Platforma Obywatelska
Cornelia ERNST Vice-présidente Groupe confédéral de la Gauche unitaire européenne/Gauche verte nordique Allemagne DIE LINKE.
Damiano ZOFFOLI Vice-président Groupe de l'Alliance Progressiste des Socialistes et Démocrates au Parlement européen Italie Partito Democratico
Jean ARTHUIS Membre Groupe Alliance des démocrates et des libéraux pour l'Europe France Union des Démocrates et Indépendants
Bas BELDER Membre Groupe des Conservateurs et Réformistes européens Pays-Bas Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
Klaus BUCHNER Membre Groupe des Verts/Alliance libre européenne Allemagne Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei
Jytte GUTELAND Membre Groupe de l'Alliance Progressiste des Socialistes et Démocrates au Parlement européen Suède Arbetarepartiet- Socialdemokraterna
Seán KELLY Membre Groupe du Parti populaire européen (Démocrates-Chrétiens) Irlande Fine Gael Party
Jiří POSPÍŠIL Membre Groupe du Parti populaire européen (Démocrates-Chrétiens) République tchèque TOP 09 a Starostové
Udo VOIGT Membre Non-inscrits Allemagne Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands
Presentation and competencies

The European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran was established following the 2004 European elections, as a means of establishing a direct channel of communication between the Parliament and the Majlis of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
While this was at first largely a European Parliament initiative, the response from the Iranian side was positive. Following the first visit by a Delegation from the Majlis to Brussels in October 2006, the European Parliament Delegation travelled to Tehran in December 2007 in order to hold the 2nd EP/Iran interparliamentary meeting. The most recent interparliamentary meeting took place in Brussels in December 2008.
The EP/Iran meetings have offered a forum for open discussions between parliamentarians on subjects such as nuclear non-proliferation, the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, climate change, and trade and investment relations. Dialogue on human rights has also featured on the agenda, and in particular the death penalty, women’s rights, children's legal treatment, the position of ethnic and religious minorities, freedom of press and opinion. The interparliamentary meetings have also offered the opportunity for intensive contacts with Government and civil society.
Although there have been no recent interparliamentary meetings because of the unfavourable political climate, the EP delegation continues to meet regularly and to examine all aspects of EU-Iran relations and the internal situation in Iran.

You can contact the Secretariat of the Iran Delegation by email at the following address:

or by fax:
+32 2 28 46831(Brussels)
+33 3 881 73602 (Strasbourg)