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37th EU-Switzerland IPM (4-5 July 2018)

The 37th EU - Switzerland Inter-parliamentary Meeting (IPM) took place in Strasbourg on 4-5 July 2018. The EP and Swiss delegations - led by co-chairs MEP Jørn Dohrmann and the Speaker of the Swiss Council of States Karin Keller-Sutter - met at an interesting time in EU-Switzerland relations. Since May 2014, the EU and Switzerland have been negotiating an institutional framework agreement (IFA) to provide an overarching framework for more than 120 sector-specific agreements that cover the Swiss participation in many areas of the EU's internal market. These negotiations have now entered the final, decisive stage.

In addition to an update on the state of play in the IFA negotiations, the members of the IPM discussed a range of issues relevant to partners as close as Switzerland and the EU, including Brexit, global and bilateral foreign policy agenda, the EU-Swiss trade agenda, and the Swiss perspective to the access to the EU Internal Market.

The next IPM will take place in Switzerland in 2019.

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