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16th EU-Kazakhstan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, Brussels

Members of the Mazhilis Parliament of Kazakhstan with EP members Members of the Mazhilis Parliament of Kazakhstan with EP members
DCAS delegation
The 16th EU-Kazakhstan took place on Thursday 31 January. A delegation of five members from the Mazhilis Parliament of Kazakhstan, led by Chair, Mr Mukhtar YERMAN. A lengthy discussion took place covering all issues from Human Rights to Economic reforms, Corruption, Environmental issues and Infrastructural projects. Vice President Telička hosted a well attended lunch on behalf of Pesident Tajani and received an invitation from the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr Vassilenko, for President Tajani to visit Kazakhstan.

14th EU-Uzbekistan PCC in Tashkent 31 October- 2 November

Members of the EP delegation and the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Members of the EP delegation and the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan
14th EU-Uzbekistan PCC Tashkent
Ms Grigule-Peterse led a six member delegation to Tashkent for the 14th PCC. The delegation was joined by Mr Rados, monitoring rapporteur for the AFET committee. The delegation met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Economy, as well as the Ministries of Employment and Labour relations, Higher Education and the State Committee on Environment. Moreover, the delegation met with representatives of the civil society, visited two EU-funded projects, the Tashkent branch of the Turin Polytechnic University and held a joint meeting with the State Committee on religious affairs and the Centre for Islamic Civilization. During the PCC meeting, members pointed on the national reform programme, in particular on the liberalization of economy and the support of active entrepreneurship. The Uzbek side underlined that the new President has started an intensified dialogue with people. Other topics were the transport corridors and railway connections in the region and environmental issues. In this regard the main focus was on the natural disaster of the Aral Sea, a result of the cotton monoculture since the Soviet era on the one hand and the global climate change on the other. The 15th EU-Uzbekistan PCC is planned for late 2019.

12th EU-Mongolia Inter Parliamentary Meeting, Ulaanbaatar September 2018

members of the State Great Hural Parliament and the EP delegation members of the State Great Hural Parliament and the EP delegation
12th-EU-Mongolia IPM.jpg
An EP delegation of five Members led by Ms Iveta Grigule Peterse attended the 12th EU-Mongolia IPM in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The two sides held very open discussions during the IPM covering the political situation in Mongolia and in the EU, the Economic situation, regional cooperation including environmental challenges and security and human development, focussing on education, vunerable sectors of the population and the civil society. Additional meetings with Speaker, Minister of Labour, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, international donors, international think tanks, experts in charge of EU projects, NGOs and civil society also took place during the two days.

7th EU-Tajikistan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, Brussels November 2018

7th EU-Tajikistan parliamentary Cooperation Committee 7th EU-Tajikistan parliamentary Cooperation Committee
Group photo of the EP and Tajikistan members
Mr Sharif RAHIMZODA, Chair of the Majlisi Oli delegation with seven members from the Parliament met the EU delegation Chaired by Ms Grigule-Pēterse for the 7th EU Tajikistan PCC. Topics on the agenda:Political situation in the European Union and in Tajikistan since the 6th PCC.Developments in the regional policy of Central Asia and role of Tajikistan and the European Union:Security, fight against terrorism and organised crimes .Evolution of the situation in Afghanistan and role by Tajikistan and the European Union.Environmental policy and water resources management

Economic situation Tajikistan National Development Strategy, economic and social reforms and their Implementation and investment climate.EU/Tajikistan trade and economic relations, market access and related technical cooperationRural development and environmentally sustainable agricultureHuman Rights, Rule of Law and social policies in TajikistanEmpowerment of civil society and fundamental freedomsCooperation in the field of education and healthcare.The PCC was very lively and the Tajik MPs presented well prepared briefings on different political issues in the country and debate was very constructive. The delegation also visited the House of European History and the EP Library and the Plenary. An official lunch was hosted by VP Hautala. Following and a recorded session of the Co-Chairs at the Vox box about the conclusion of the PCC, the EP Co Chair hosted a dinner.