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The next meeting of the Delegation for Central Asia

will take place in Strasbourg on Wednesday 24 October from 16.15-17.15 in SDM S1. An exchange of views with H.E. Dilyor Khakimov, Ambassador of the Embassy of Uzbekistan ahead of the upcoming PCC in Tashkent will take place, followed by an "in camera" discussion with Frank Schmiedel, Desk officer for Uzbekistan of the Central Asia Division in the EEAS.

Joint meeting with the D-IR and D-AF of the 14 March 2018, in Brussels

  • Joint meeting of three AANZ delegations devoted to cross-border water cooperation or conflict. the discussion addressed also the Iran/Iraq relations over water management. The meeting stressed the importance of regional cooperation also at EP level.

  • The guest speaker made tangible suggestions for follow-up during the exchange of views.

  • Diplomats from Central Asian countries including Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan followed the meeting from SQM in Brussels thanks to videoconferencing.

Meeting of 25 October 2017, Strasbourg

The meeting focused on the upcoming 6th EU Tajikistan PCC in Dushanbe and the 13th EU-Uzbekistan PCC in Brussels.An exchange of views was held with Ambassador Rahmatullozoda of the Republic of Tajikistan.The EEAS gave an overview on the situation in Central Asia.

Meeting of 13 September 2017, Strasbourg

The meeting was organised to prepare the forthcoming Inter-Parliamentary Meeting with Mongolia at the end of September. Exchanges of views were held with:
  • Ambassador Od Och, Head of the Mission of Mongolia to the EU
  • Mr Christophe Manet from the European External Action Service

Meeting of 5 April 2017, Strasbourg

The meeting included an exchange of views with:
  • Mr Toivo Klaar, Head of Division for Central Asia, EEAS
  • Ms Ramona Mănescu, rapporteur for AFET on the Negotiation and conclusion of a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Turkmenistan
  • Ms Liisa Jaakonsaari, rapporteur for AFET on the EU/Kazakhstan Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement

Meeting of 15 February 2017, Strasbourg

The meeting focused on the preparation for the 12th EU-Kyrgyz Republic Parliamentary Cooperation Committee meeting that took place from 20 until 22 February 2017.

Ms Petra Gasparova, desk officer Kyrgyzstan, EEAS delivered a comprehensive briefing on the status of Kyrgyzstan policies.

The delegation agreed on a preliminary list of key speakers for the PCC meeting.

Meeting of 23 November 2016, Strasbourg

The meeting was dedicated to the preparation of the 5th EU-Tajikistan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee meeting of 1 December 2016 and included:
  • Exchange of views with H.E. Mr Erkinkhon Rahmatullozoda, Ambassador, Head of Mission of the Republic of Tajikistan to the European Union
  • Briefing by Mr Roland Honekamp, EEAS, desk officer for Tajikistan, and Ms Carine Villmagne-Cros, EC, International Cooperation and Development.

Meeting of 17 October 2016, Brussels

The meeting was organised to prepare for the 12th EU-Uzbekistan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee meeting and included:
  • an exchange of views with H.E. Mr Vladimir Norov, Ambassador, Head of Mission of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the European Union
  • a briefing by Mr Toivo Klaar, Head of Central Asia Division, EEAS

Meeting of 14 September 2016, Strasbourg

This meeting included an exchange of views with Ambassador Peter Burian, EU Special Representative for Central Asia