Delegacja do Zgromadzenia Parlamentarnego Euronest : Posiedzenia zwyczajne

Meeting of 2 February 2017, Brussels 

The meeting included the election of the new Delegation Chair.

The programme of activities of the Euronest PA and its political bodies for 2017 was reviewed.

Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of 25 October 2016, Strasbourg 

The meeting included
  • a video-conference briefing by representatives of the EEAS on the current situation in the EaP countries, followed by an exchange of views;
  • preparations for the debate of 26 October in the EP plenary on Belarus and a discussion on the possible impact of the recent elections in the country on the composition and functioning of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

Meeting of 10 March 2016, Strasbourg 

The meeting covered preparations for the Fifth Ordinary Session of the Euronest PA on 21-23 March 2016 in Brussels, including
  • an exchange of views with the Committee's Co-chairs and Co-rapporteurs, and
  • a debriefing on the Working Group's activities.

Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of 16 February 2016, Brussels 

An exchange of views was held on the document prepared by the secretariat on "A new Euronest scenario" and on the amendments and other contributions received by the political groups. The delegation discussed the (possible) approval of the document in view of its presentation at the Euronest PA Bureau meeting of 18 February 2016.

The delegation also addressed the organisation of a Euronest Women's Forum within the framework of the Fifth Ordinary Session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.