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D-US calendar of meetings for 2019

02-05-2019 11:20
Meetings held in 2019 were as follows:
  • 17 January 2019, Strasbourg (D-US jointly with TLD Steering Committee)
  • 14 February 2019, Strasbourg
  • 28 March 2019, Strasbourg

D-US calendar of meetings for 2018

07-02-2019 12:49
Members of the delegation hold about 10 meetings per year, either in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Meetings held in 2018 were as follows:
  • 25 January, Brussels (AFET/SEDE meeting in association with D-US)
  • 20 February, Brussels (D-US meeting with Commissioner King)
  • 15 March, Strasbourg (D-US meeting on the Western Balkans and on Trade)
  • 25 April, Brussels (D-US meeting with Mark N. Strand, President of the Congressional Institute, Washington DC)
  • 30 May, Strasbourg (D-US/D-IR joint meeting ''in camera'')
  • 27 June, Brussels (preparatory meeting for the 82nd IPM/TLD in Sofia, 29-30 June, ''in camera'' and public session with the Pew Research Centre)
  • 10 July, Brussels (D-US meeting with Commissioner Avramopoulos)
  • 13 September, Strasbourg (D-US meeting ''in camera'')
  • 16 October in Brussels (D-US meeting with Bruce Stokes, PEW Research Centre)
  • 25 October, Strasbourg (D-US meeting with LIBE Chair Claude Moraes and Luisa Ragher, EEAS)
  • 14 November, Strasbourg (D-US meeting with Peter Chase, GMF)
  • 21 November, Brussels (joint AFET/D-US meeting with Ambassador Gordon Sondland)