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pursuant to Rule 133 of the Rules of Procedure

on reducing the environmental impact of coffin-painting processes

Lorenzo Fontana

Motion for a European Parliament resolution on reducing the environmental impact of coffin-painting processes  

The European Parliament,

–       having regard to Articles 11, 191, 192 and 193 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU),

–       having regard to Rule 133 of its Rules of Procedure,

A.     whereas the dispersion of paint applied to buried coffins is polluting the groundwater;

B.     whereas the disposal of coffins is having an impact on air pollution due to cremation processes;

C.     whereas the disposal of coffins is having a costly impact on public finances;

1.      Points out that, according to the latest Eurostat data, there were 7 800 000 deaths in the Member States in 2014;

2.      Takes the view that current painting techniques are obsolete and that the paint applied to each coffin needs to be eliminated by using latest-generation technologies;

3.      Calls on the Commission, whilst respecting the prerogatives conferred upon the institutions by the treaties, to consider appropriate measures to promote the use of new technologies which are able to eliminate the paint applied to coffins, so as to avoid the dispersion of dioxin during their cremation;

4.      Urges the Commission, last but not least, to promote the use of different types of trees that are easy to regenerate.

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