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pursuant to Rule 133 of the Rules of Procedure

on the management and loan by museums of works of art held in storerooms

Aldo Patriciello

Motion for a resolution on the management and loan by museums of works of art held in storerooms  

The European Parliament,

–       having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No 116/2009 of 18 December 2008 on the export of cultural goods,

–       having regard to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1081/2012 which lays down rules governing the drawing up, issuing and use of the export licences provided for under Regulation (EC) No 116/2009,

–       having regard to Rule 133 of its Rules of Procedure,

A.     whereas works of art often prove to be a of real cultural, economic and artistic worth to countries and being acquainted with them can be valuable;

B.     whereas museums in Europe often have many works of art housed in their storerooms that have never been put on display for the public to enjoy, due to a lack of exhibition space or similar problems;

C.     whereas in times of crisis, international museums lending to one another, for a consideration, works of art held in storage can be an excellent way of cushioning the costs of further restoration work and publicising the museum hubs concerned, contributing to their improvement and stimulating museum tourism;

1.      Calls on the Commission to take note of the aforegoing with the aim of stepping up museum lending and improving its management, particularly as concerns works of art not normally on display to the public.

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