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pursuant to Rule 133 of the Rules of Procedure

on tightening scrutiny of public contractors in the EU

Aldo Patriciello

Motion for a European parliament resolution on tightening scrutiny of public contractors in the EU  

The European Parliament,

–       having regard to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1336/2013 of 13 December 2013,

–       having regard to the rules on public works contracts, public supply contracts and public service contracts, which are applicable until 2016,

–       having regard to Rule 133 of its Rules of Procedure,

A.     whereas public procurement plays an important role in the economies of the Member States, accounting for more than 16% of EU GDP according to estimates;

B.     whereas open, well-regulated procurement markets make for better use of resources and also act as a catalyst for growth and job creation;

1.      Calls on the Commission to introduce tougher scrutiny, through special monitoring and regulatory bodies, of funding for firms awarded public contracts in the EU and of the true cost of public works, so as to prevent fraud and the resulting loss of EU funds.

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