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<TitreRecueil>pursuant to Rule 133 of the Rules of Procedure</TitreRecueil>

<Titre>on universal digital identity: a fundamental right for all European citizens</Titre>

<Depute>Fabio Massimo Castaldo</Depute>


Motion for a European Parliament resolution on universal digital identity: a fundamental right for all European citizens

The European Parliament,

 having regard to Rule 133 of its Rules of Procedure,

A. whereas a range of rights which are recognised by EU law are intended to be upheld on the internet, specifically Article 16 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union;

B. whereas these rights, in particular the right to data protection and privacy, the right to be forgotten and the right to internet access, are all intrinsically linked to the notion of digital identity;

C. whereas, once recognised, the right to digital identity becomes an inalienable right for an individual, which the Union is committed to guaranteeing, regardless of the ties of the interested party with the legal system of their country of origin;

1. Calls on the Commission to propose a legislative act that recognises the right to digital identity and specify its content, limits and safeguards, and how it interacts with other fundamental rights; stresses that the right to digital identity must be recognised as a fundamental right for all people, and as such, must be protected by EU law and granted to anyone who has acquired EU citizenship;

2. Urges that this right, which is recognised as fundamental by the European Union, be maintained and safeguarded in the context of the ongoing negotiation of, and possible final agreement on, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.


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