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Procedura : 2012/0010(COD)
Przebieg prac nad dokumentem podczas sesji
Dokument w ramach procedury : A8-0138/2016

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PV 14/04/2016 - 7.2
CRE 14/04/2016 - 7.2
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Czwartek, 14 kwietnia 2016 r. - Strasburg Wersja poprawiona

7.2. Przetwarzanie danych osobowych do celów zapobiegania przestępstwom (A8-0138/2016 - Marju Lauristin) (głosowanie)

- Après le vote:


  Marju Lauristin (S&D). Madam President, I am really happy that we have a full data protection package and in the end have achieved agreement spanning most of the political groups. I thank everybody for their contributions. I thank the Commission and the Council for their very good cooperation. We can really show that in Europe, in very hard times, we can have a proper balance between the security of citizens and protection of their basic human rights. So it is a European package and it is a real matter of pride.

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