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Procedură : 2017/2870(RSP)
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PV 05/10/2017 - 4.3
CRE 05/10/2017 - 4.3

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Joi, 5 octombrie 2017 - Strasbourg Ediţie revizuită

4.3. Situația din Maldive (RC-B8-0549/2017, B8-0549/2017, B8-0550/2017, B8-0555/2017, B8-0556/2017, B8-0558/2017, B8-0560/2017, B8-0561/2017) (vot)

– Po głosowaniu nad ustępem 14:


  Charles Tannock (ECR). – Mr President, my Group calls for an oral amendment for the deletion of paragraph 15. We have been advised by the External Action Service that it is factually incorrect. Oral amendment to delete paragraph 15, please.


(Poprawka ustna została przyjęta)

– Przed głosowaniem końcowym:


  Charles Tannock (ECR). – Mr President, as a result of advice from the External Action Service, my Group has been asked to add the word ‘former’ before ‘leader’, as he is no longer technically the leader of his party. This is just a factual error which needs correcting.


(Poprawka ustna została przyjęta)

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