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 Full text 
Tuesday, 29 May 2018 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Situation in Gaza Strip and the status of Jerusalem (debate)

  Péter Niedermüller (S&D), in writing. – We were all shocked by the news about clashes in Gaza, about the dead and injured people. Meanwhile, we know the power of images often re-writes the truth. Recordings of the injured, dead protesters overshadow the fact that the violent demonstrations didn’t explode on their own but were organised by Hamas, which the EU lists as terrorist organisation. Hamas encouraged protesters to break through the border fence and to carry weapons, including home-made explosive devices; Hamas sent women and children near the border fence and didn’t allow Israeli aid transport in Gaza on 11 May and on 16 May. Hamas didn’t do anything to keep the demonstrations peaceful but rather agitated for violence. So to place responsibility on Israel’s shoulders alone is more than an error, it is a serious political mistake. As all states, Israel has the right to defend its borders. If there were abuses or unjustified use of firearms, the military will investigate it, the same way they’ve been doing all this time. If we conduct a one-sided policy in judging the situation, it will not contribute to Middle Eastern peace. We need to stop one-sidedly condemning Israel and we need to stand firmly against Palestinian terrorism.

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