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Четвъртък, 4 октомври 2018 г. - Страсбург Редактирана версия

7.9. Положението в Йемен (RC-B8-0444/2018, B8-0444/2018, B8-0445/2018, B8-0446/2018, B8-0447/2018, B8-0448/2018, B8-0449/2018, B8-0450/2018) (гласуване)

– Before the vote on paragraph 3:


  Charles Tannock (ECR). – Madam President, I wish to insert the following after paragraph 3: ‘Condemns the launch of Iranian—built ballistic missiles by the Houthis against targets in Saudi Arabia, including civilian areas, and their indiscriminate use of sea mines and internationally banned anti—personnel landmines.’


(As more than 40 Members had objected to the oral amendment, it was not incorporated.)

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