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Giovedì 29 novembre 2018 - Bruxelles Edizione rivista

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  President. – Good morning. My apologies for the slight delay. I think some people had difficulty with traffic this morning, so thank you for your patience. The sitting is now open.

(The sitting opened at 9.06)

Before we move to the first item on the agenda, there is a point of order from Mr Corbett.


  Richard Corbett (S&D). – Madam President, under Rule 162(3) and (6), Parliament has decided that this debate we are about to start on Brexit will only have a round of speakers from the leaders of each of the political groups. That has a consequence, Madam President. There will be three British voices in that debate, each and every one of them from those who support Brexit. Parliament will not hear a single British voice from those who oppose Brexit, which according to the latest opinion polls actually represents the majority view of the British population.



  President. – Thank you, Mr Corbett. Your point is noted. It was a decision of the political groups to have this format. I’m in the hands of the decision of the political groups, but I think your point is well taken by the plenary.

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